Research and Reports

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) maintains a data and reporting warehouse called LTCC Reports. This system presents actionable data to the various campus programs and departments to support evidence-based decisions and daily operations. Additionally, OIE prepares regular reports like the Annual Fact Book and conducts ad hoc institutional research projects when requested. For more information contact the office at or by phone at (530) 541-4660 x 266.

Student Experience Survey (SES)

2016 Presentation (PDF)/Report (PDF)
2012 Presentation (PDF)/Report (PDF)
2011 Report (PDF)


Faculty Staff Experience Survey (FSES)

2015 Report (PDF)
2013 Presentation (PDF)/Report (PDF)
2010 Report (PDF)


Governance Council Self-Evaluation Survey (GCSES)

2015 Report (PDF)
2013 Report (PDF)
2010 Report (PDF)

Quarterly Enrollment Trends

Spring 2017 Presentation (PDF)
Fall 2016 Presentation (PDF)


LTUSD Postsecondary Enrollment Trends

2017 Presentation (PDF)
2016 Presentation (PDF)
Fall 2016 PDF
Fall 2015 PDF
Fall 2014 PDF
Fall 2013 PDF
Fall 2012 PDF
2017 PDF
2016 PDF
2015 PDF
2014 PDF
2013 PDF
2012 PDF
2011 PDF