Fees & Tuition

Fee Type Amount Required Of
Enrollment Fee (subject to change) $31 per unit Applies to all students, except high school students enrolling for less than 14.75 units through the Concurrent Enrollment. These fees are waived for recipients of the Board of Governor's Fee Waiver. Non-residents of California, including Foreign/International Students, are required to pay this fee in addition to Non-resident tuition (see below).
Audit Fee $10 per unit The College allows auditing of courses with the exception of courses in programs that require special preparation and/or program admission on a limited basis. Students requesting to audit a course and receive the Promise Grant (formerly known as the Board of Governors fee waiver) are responsible to pay for fees and the Promise Grant will not be applied to the student account.
Non-Resident Tuition $302 per unit ($271/unit plus $31 Enrollment Fee from above)
Non-residents of California
High School Student Tuition


(depending on units and residency)

Students who take less than 14.75 units (5.75 in the summer), are residents of California, and are attending a California high school. (Also applies to Dual enrollment students.)
International Student Tuition $302 per unit ($271/unit plus $31 Enrollment Fee from above) International Students
International Student Application Fee  $100  International Students

International Student 
(F-1 Visa)

Health Insurance


$124-$820 and up depending on coverage level/quarter

All F-1 Visa International Students are required to show proof of insurance 

California Nevada Interstate Attendance Agreement (CNIAA) and Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE)

 $46.50 per unit

Effective January 1, 2023, students from Nevada and other Participating Western States can apply for a limited annual number of CNIAA and WUE discounted tuition waivers. For more information, call (530) 541-4660 x211 or email enrollmentservices@ltcc.edu. Visit LTCC's Forms webpage to download the application.

*Health Services Fee

$3 per quarter   All Students

Student Representation Fee

$2 per quarter All Students, except those enrolled in the Concurrent Enrollment Program. This fee is not covered by the California Promise Grant Fee Waiver.


 Free  Parking in all lots is free of charge and requires no permits.

Official Transcript

(All LTCC records will appear on one transcript)

$5 for additional copies

$15 additional for rush service


Students may request a transcript of their academic record from LTCC in person or by filling out the Transcript Request Form (PDF).

(The first two transcripts requested are free of charge.) If a rush request is made, an additional $15 rush fee is charged for each rushed transcript. Allow 2-4 business days for rush transcript processing.


Returned Check

 $12 Students whose personal checks are returned by the bank. (Only cash, credit card, Cashier's Check or money order will be honored to clear a returned check).

All fees are subject to change.

*Students who depend exclusively upon prayer for healing in accordance with the teachings of a bona fide religious sect, denomination, or organization may be exempted from paying the health services fee. Contact the One-Stop for an Academic Standard Petition.




Lake Tahoe College Promise:
The Lake Tahoe College Promise at LTCC provides first-time, full-time college students free tuition for up to three years, priority access to the Textbook Lending Library, $100/quarter for use in LTCC's Bookstore, priority registration, an unlimited free bus pass, individualized support with a dedicated counselor, access to Promise Navigators, and more. The program is available to first-time college students who commit to attending LTCC full time (15 units per quarter highly recommended, 12 units minimum). It is available to California residents and Dreamers, and to Nevada residents and Dreamers who reside within the Tahoe Basin.
High School Graduate Exemption (AB 540):
Non-resident students who attended a California high school for at least three years and graduated or attained the equivalent may complete a questionnaire to verify eligibility for this exemption. Students without lawful immigration status must also sign an affidavit on the form declaring the student has applied or intends to apply for legalized status as soon as eligible to do so. This provision does not apply to international students and other non-immigrant aliens defined under 8 CFR 1101(a)(15) or to students living outside of California who are enrolled solely in distance education courses.
Dual Enrollment Exemption:
Beginning Fall 2015, students in grades K-12 who participate in specified dual enrollment courses offered by arrangement with South Tahoe High School are eligible for this exemption unless classified as non-immigrant aliens defined under 8 CFR 1101(a)(15). Students exempted under this provision are not eligible for apportionment.
California Nevada Interstate Attendance Agreement Exemption (SB 605):
Effective Fall 2016, Nevada residents residing in specific zip codes may qualify for a tuition rate that is three times the rate of California residents.
Waivers for Eligible Members of the Military, Veterans, and Dependents
Non-resident U.S. military personnel on active duty in California are granted a waiver of non-resident tuition until they are discharged from their military service. Their dependents are granted a waiver for a period of one year from the date they enter California. Upon expiration of the waiver, evidence must be provided as to the date the student surrendered their out-of-state residence to become a resident of California. The student will be classified as a non-resident and charged non-resident tuition until one year has elapsed since the out-of-state residence was surrendered.
Eligible veterans and dependents may also have fees waived under the provisions of the federal Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act of 2014.