English as a Second Language

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The non-credit English as a Second Language (ESL) program at Lake Tahoe Community College is designed as a series of sequential courses, ranging from Low Beginning through Advanced levels of English proficiency. The sequential curriculum, based on an integrated set of student learning outcomes, provides instruction through each strand of learning: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.



Students can start the ESL certificate program at any of the following levels:
ESL 561A ESL Low Beginning or
ESL 562A ESL High Beginning or 
ESL 563A ESL Low Intermediate or 
ESL 564A ESL Intermediate or 
ESL 564B ESL High Intermediate or 
ESL 571A ESL Literacy A

When a student is proficient at all of the levels mentioned above, they then go on to complete the following courses to earn the certificate:
ESL 565 ESL Advanced 
ESL 582A ESL Introduction to Computers
ESL 592A ESL Pronunciation

There are a number of student scholarships that ESL students can apply for each Spring. Scholarships make it possible to earn money for college that does not ever need to be repaid! While some of LTCC's scholarships are competitive, there is a wide variety available that you can apply for that are awarded based on all kinds of qualities and interests and strengths.

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