Work Experience

Work Experience


Work Experience

The following academic units earned outline the hours worked:

The minimum number of hours a student must work within the quarter is 50 hours (this earns 1 academic credit). If the minimum hours are not accomplished, the student will earn a failing grade.

50 hours per quarter   = 1 unit
100 hours per quarter = 2 units
150 hours per quarter = 3 units
200 hours per quarter = 4 units
250 hours per quarter = 5 units
300 hours per quarter = 6 units

Registering for Work Experience and Internship Classes

What you need:

Request registration from Amber Goligoski to receive your Enrollment Permit

Send an email to that includes:

  • Name of your employer
  • Average number of hours worked each week
  • Educational goal (or undecided)
  • Career goal (or undecided)
  • Does your Academic Plan or Financial Aid (including the Promise Program or EOPS) require you to enroll in a specific number of units?
    • If yes, list which program and the number of units
  • Does your degree or certificate require the course?
    • If yes, which program?


Schedule an Orientation through Cranium Cafe

During this appointment, we will review the required coursework and answer your questions about the class. Students who do not complete the orientation during the first week of class may be dropped.

Schedule a meeting here:

Group Meetings (Online and In-Person)
Individual Meetings (Online and In-Person)

Call or Text with questions: (530) 303-8164


Syllabus - 12-Week Course

Syllabus - Late-Start 6-Week course


Enrollment Permit - Request the Form

Code of Conduct and Survey - Request the Form


Supervisor Agreement
Objectives Worksheets
Worksite Info & Objectives Form

Skills Assignments

Mid-Quarter Professional Development Assignment
Interview Assignment
Feedback Forms
Supervisor Evaluation



Work Experience & Internship Students are required to complete Skills Assignments.

21st Century Skills Go by Many Names:
Competencies, applied skills, cross-disciplinary skills, transferable skills, employability skills, and soft skills.

What They Are:
Knowledge, work habits, and character traits necessary to succeed in this rapidly changing world.

The Good News:
Just like any other subject, 21st Century Skills can be taught, practiced, and incorporated into everyone’s life.

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 More information and resources are available at LTCC Career Services.

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