TRiO Educational Talent Search



To be admitted to the ETS Program, students must be committed to reaching the following goals:


    • Complete the current academic year and continue in school for the next academic year at the next grade level
    • Complete a rigorous secondary school program of study.
    • Graduate with a regular high school diploma.
    • Enroll in an institution of higher education by the fall term immediately following high school graduation.
    • Obtain a college degree.
ETS Participants Receive

ETS Students

• Tutoring services Academic, financial, and career guidance

• Career exploration and planning assistance

• Assistance in completing college admissions and financial aid applications step by step • Workshops to develop skills for success

• FREE trips to four year schools

• FREE trips to cultural events

• Assistance in preparing for college entrance exams

• Workshops for parents in English and Spanish to provide information and support

LTCC's Educational Talent Search program is on its second grant cycle and is currently funded to serve students from 2015-2020, in the amount of $240,000 annually.


South Tahoe High School Application (ENG)

South Tahoe High School Application (SPA)

South Tahoe Middle School Application (ENG)

South Tahoe Middle School Application (SPA)

Parent Application (ENG)

Parent Application (SPA)