Coyote Pride

LTCC graduates with a pride flag at Commencement 2021

Lake Tahoe Community College's Coyote Pride program provides above-and-beyond support for LGBTQ+ students who need an additional sense of security, a support system they can count on, and a safe place where they are always welcomed warmly.

LTCC provides a large array of support services for all kinds of different student populations, and LGBTQ+ students have access to these as well. LTCC's Coyote Pride program goes beyond these programs however, serving a multitude of roles and filling a number of specific needs that these other support programs may not provide.

These include:

  • Providing a safe space on campus for anyone, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity/presentation, ethnic heritage or cultural background.
  • Providing a nurturing place for students and employees who are coming out, and connecting them with supportive peers who can help them to navigate this sometimes difficult process.
  • Providing a confidential place for trans individuals to use their new gender pronouns and names.


While there may be common themes shared by those who have "come out" as LGBTQIA+, no individual coming out experience is exactly the same as any other. For many, coming out is a continual process rather than one singular event. For others, the privilege of choosing when to come out to loved ones may not be a reality. The resources gathered below are meant to provide points of reflection and resources to those considering coming out:

LTCC's Office of Equity & Student Wellness supports and advocates for underrepresented student groups by connecting them to academic, career and personal resources. The Office also directly supports LGBTQIA+ students with addressing individual needs and  promoting campus awareness and allyship. 

To learn more about Coyote Pride resources, connect with campus advocates:

The Equity & Student Wellness Office also houses the Basic Needs Center & Food Pantry.  

Student Life aims to enhance the student experience by fostering a sense of belonging for all through events, activities and clubs. 

Ally Club: Connect with student club advisor Celeste Holmes, to join!

Active Minds Club 

Mental Health Support 

TimelyCare is a free 24/7 mental health and medical support provider that gives students easy and quick access to mental and medical healthcare services so they can thrive at school and in life. All registered LTCC students have access to TimelyCare services for free!

Reporting a Concern or Hate/ Bias Incident

Name Coach: Pronouns/True Name

How to add your pronouns in Canvas

Name Change Form

Coming Soon: Gender Neutral Restrooms, Safe Zone Project, Lavender Graduation

LTCC Friends of Ally, Facebook Group Page

Lake Tahoe Pride,  Facebook Page, Website

Title IX: prohibits students from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. 
AB 2315: students, staff, and faculty can declare and use an affirmed name and/or gender on academic records.
The Campus Pride Index sets the bar higher for LGBTQ-inclusive policies, programs and practices. Search the database of hundreds of LGBTQ-friendly campuses and what they have to offer.