Institutional Effectiveness


The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (IE) at Lake Tahoe Community College aims to continuously build and support a culture of inquiry and evidence-based decision making. The department supports student success and pursues institutional excellence by providing support and leadership in the areas of accreditation, planning, research, assessment, and evaluation. This is accomplished through objective coordination, collection, organization, compilation, and dissemination of information concerning the characteristics and performance of the College. IE is committed to the ethical use of data and follows the code of ethics set forth by the Association for Institutional Research (AIR). 



  • Provide adequate decision-making support, evidence, and research to facilitate the College's planning processes associated with accreditation, benchmarking, and institutional effectiveness activities.
  • Facilitate thoughtful reflection and dialogue on student learning and institutional excellence, and encourage continuous review and improvement in order to fulfill our mission and meet the needs of the community.
  • Encourage and nurture a culture of inquiry that uses data and evidence to identify and cultivate new opportunities.
  • Maintain compliance of institutional reporting in response to surveys and both routine and non-routine requests for information from state, federal, and other external agencies.