College planning represents a systematic process whereby institutional and individual inquiry and decision-making are prompted and supported by data about student learning, student achievement, and institutional outcomes. This collaborative effort involved the analysis and meaningful interpretation of quantitative and qualitative data in describing emerging and important themes and trends that currently or could potentially impact the College, its students, and the surrounding community.

In the Fall of 2010, four strategic issues were identified as the foundation for planning at Lake Tahoe Community College: 

1. Student Access
2. Student Learning, Success, and Achievement
3. Community Engagement
4. College Sustainability
Building on this foundation, the Institutional Effectiveness Council (IEC) then coordinated the development of the following plans, which are regularly reviewed and updated as needed.
Long-Range College Plans

• Strategic Plan 2011-2017
• Full Version (Updated 7/28/16)
• Quick-Look Version
• Educational Master Plan 2018
• Facilities Master Plan 2021-2027
• Technology Master Plan 2012-2017
Board of Trustees & President's Goals 2020-21
"Tahoe Clear" Strategic Enrollment Management 2018 document
Other Resources

Institutional Planning at LTCC

Pictured below is the hierarchy of Planning at LTCC. 

LTCC Institutional Planning