Learning Outcomes Assessment

Lake Tahoe Community College believes that all courses, programs, services, and departments must contribute to student learning and success. The purpose of Student Learning Outcomes is to establish and institutionalize cyclical processes and procedures developed and driven by Lake Tahoe Community College faculty and staff to define and assess specific outcomes that demonstrate evidence of learning that has occurred as a result of a specific course, program, activity, or process.

The General Education Core Competencies listed below serve as LTCC’s ISLOs (Expanded List):

  • Communication: Students will communicate effectively, including reading, writing, listening, and conversing with others
  • Critical Thinking and Information Competency: Thinking critically is characterized by the ability to perform analysis, computation, research, and problem solving.
  • Global Awareness: Students will demonstrate a measurable understanding and appreciation of the world, including its scientific complexities, social diversity and civics, and artistic variety.
  • Personal Responsibility and Professional Development: Appropriately apply the concepts associated with self-management and self-awareness, social and physical wellness, and workplace skills.

Faculty Resources for Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) Assessment

Methods of Assessing Student Learning Outcomes (MASLOs):
  • Exam/Test/Quiz
  • Written Assignment
  • Presentation
  • Project/Portfolio
  • Self-Evaluation
  • Group Activity
  • Discussion
  • Observation
  • Lab Report
Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Data:
  • Currently under development.