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Lake Tahoe Community College is proud to be designated a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) by the United States Department of Education. The mission of HSIs is to assist with strengthening institutional programs, facilities, and services to expand educational opportunities for Hispanic Americans and other underrepresented populations. 

The goals of the HSI STEM systems of support are to enhance the quality of undergraduate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education and to increase the recruitment, retention, and graduation rates of Latino/a/x and other underrepresented student groups pursuing associate or baccalaureate degrees in STEM fields.  

HSI STEM at Lake Tahoe Community College is a school-wide support system that helps Latino/a/x/e and low-income students who are interested in pursuing education and careers in STEM. Students at LTCC who are majoring in Math, Computer Information Sciences, Cybersecurity, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Forestry, Geography, Geology, and other STEM-related programs can benefit from the supports HSI STEM provides. We provide support to STEM students through participation in our LTCC STEM Academy, Student Success Teams, working with STEM faculty on ways to improve instruction, opportunities to explore STEM career paths through Work-Based Learning, HSI STEM funded tutoring, individual one-on-ones with our Retention Specialist, and referrals to other services on campus. We support your classroom efforts so you reach your goals, and we can also connect you with relevant resources on campus that will support you on your path to completion. 

Whether you're already a registered student in a STEM major or just exploring your options, please contact us, introduce yourself, and let's get started!

There are many STEM scholarships offering millions of dollars to students each year! Many scholarships open up between January and April each year, with typically Spring quarter application deadlines. Please check this page for updated information. Periodically, you should search the Internet for new ones! Every year, thousands of scholarship dollars get left unclaimed by students, so be proactive and keep looking - there IS a scholarship for you!

The right work experience plus a great STEM education can well prepare you for a sustainable career after college. Use the links below to connect with career support and development at LTCC:


La Familia
  • Eric Sturgess
    Manuel Sanchez
    HSI STEM Grant Director
  • Kenya Sancho
    Kenya Sancho
    Outreach Coordinator
  • Nicole Bergner
    Nicole Bergner
    STEM Counselor
  • Eric Sturgess
    Michael Bangs
    Research Analyst
  • photo of America Ramirez
    América Ramírez
    Financial Aid
  • Amber Goligoski
    Amber Goligoski
    Internship & Work Experience Coordinator
  • Nadine Trouyet-Davis
    Nadine Trouyet-Davis
    Tutor Program Specialist