Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at LTCC


California Community Colleges have long maintained policies on inclusion and anti-discrimination, and hold a firm commitment to serving all students equitably. The events during the summer of 2020 inspired a renewed vigor and urgency across the system to become more active leaders in anti-racism work. 

At LTCC, on June 9, 2020, in response to the death of George Floyd and systemic violence against Black/African Americans, LTCC’s Board of Trustees committed to challenging and changing systems that do not serve the campus community equitably, to improve recruitment and retention of diverse staff and faculty, and to ensure all aspects of instruction reflect a commitment to diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism. On November 10, 2020, the Board adopted a goal “to serve as a leader in addressing issues of race and equity on campus and in the Lake Tahoe community." On January 26, 2021, the Board supported the creation of the DEI Task Force to advance institutional goals.

The DEI Task Force is responsible for identifying, recommending, prioritizing, and coordinating the implementation of various strategies and institutional changes that promote diversity and ensure equitable educational and professional opportunities for LTCC students, staff, faculty, and the community at large. The Task Force is also leading efforts to develop a comprehensive set of recommendations, based on input from students, staff and faculty, on priority strategies for achieving the goal of aligning policies, practices and resources to support LTCC’s mission to become an anti-racist and multi-cultural institution.


Report a Hate or Bias Incident Online


Got Feedback?

Use this contact form to let DEI Task Force members know your thoughts! What's working and what isn't? What do you want to see addressed next?




LTCC Presentations on DEI Campus-Wide Efforts

  • Courageous Leadership Webinar Series through the California Community Colleges' Chancellor's Office
  • Fostering & Sustaining Inclusive Classrooms for Students of Color
  • Understanding & Addressing Implicit Bias
  • Understanding & Confronting Anti-Black Racism
  • Meaningfully Integrating Race Across Curriculum
  • Recruiting & Hiring Faculty of Color
  • Confronting Explicit Acts of Racism & Racial Violence on Campus


Resources, Documents, Statements & Policies On DEI Efforts

Co-chairs: Senior Director of Government Relations & Grant Development Laura Metune, and Director of Equity & Student Wellness Laura Salinas

Director of Library & Learning Services Melanie Chu

Enrollment & Student Support Coordinator Danny Masellones

Sociology Dept. Faculty Dr. Amber Tierney

Retention Program Specialist Antonio Benitez

Biology Dept. Faculty Dr. Sue Kloss

Human Resources Director Shelley Yohnka

Marketing & Communications Director Diane Lewis

Analyst Nick Barclay

Vice President of Student Services Michelle Batista

The DEI Task Force recommended the need to use a secure reporting tool in order to set up a hate and bias reporting system, which relates to Goal 9 of the Superintendent/President and Board Goals for 2020-21. The selected vendor, Maxient Conduct Manager, is a fully web-based case management software for managing the processes and behaviors related to traditional conduct or discipline, behavioral intervention and threat assessment, housing-initiated incidents, academic integrity, Title IX and as a component of early alert efforts.

The new system launched in Summer 2022.