Main College Phone Number: (530) 541-4660

Fax Number: (530) 541-7852


(530) 541-4660 x 208



Frank Gerdeman, Director 238
Meredith Crosby, Transition Navigator
Grace Davis, Transition Navigator
Nicole Paulley-Davenport, Transition Navigator
Claudia Manzano, Transition Navigator
Charlotte Rosburg, Program Assistant 685


Russi Egan, Vice President of Administrative Services 219
Maryellen Sanchez, Administrative Assistant  219

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Art Gallery 711
Art Assistant 360
Athletics Main Line 348
Jeremy Evans, Men's & Women's Soccer Head Coach 550
Matt Airola, Men's & Women's Cross Country/Track Head Coach 259
Christian DeLeon, Athletic Director 557

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Kelsey Magoon x 127
Vacant, Director of Facilities and Capital Construction
Ami Chilton, Capital Projects Finance Manager 215
Darci Osika, Capital Construction Specialist 163


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Jamie Rhone, CTE Program Specialist 583
Child Development Center, Front Desk
Leslie Amato, Director Child Development Programs (CDC + TPNS)
Karen Allen 354

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Megan Waskiewicz, Director of Community Education 718
Polly Ertis, Program Assistant 717

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Ricki Rozga 693
Nicole Bergner 668
Regina Braun
Cristi Ellingford 264
Sarah Williams (temporarily interim Dean of Instruction)
Tracy Thomas 357
Nicole Vandehurst

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Adam Eynon, Dual Enrollment Grant Manager  
Savannah Fraijo, Dual Enrollment Advisor  
Jenny Perez, ESL Outreach & Program Assistant 319


Steve Berry, Director of Enrollment Services 216
Dru Cunningham, Student Records Technician 595
Rosie Juarez, Student Support Technician II 705
Danny Masellones, Enrollment and Student Support Coordinator 282

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Laura Salinas, Director of Equity & Student Wellness
Ivan Aquino, Program Assistant

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Ashley Middlebrook    754
Naomi Follett, Director of Financial Aid 276
America Ramirez, Financial Aid 237
Julie-Ann Gilland, EOPS 318

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Pat Hughes, Fire Academy Director 554
Anika Schneider, Program Coordinator  


Ryan Philpott, Director of Fiscal Services


Tiffany Davis, Payroll Specialist 272
Kilty Devine, Accountant 218
Vacant, Fiscal Services & Payroll Technician 271
Reception Desk 365


Front Desk 355

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Dana McKnight-Flentroy, FKCE Program Director 528

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Nancy Harrison, Exec. Director of Foundation & College Advancement 245
Katelyn Smith, Foundation Program Specialist 266

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Manuel Sanchez, Director of HSI Grant 257
Kenya Sancho, Outreach Coordinator 655
Steve Raygoza, Retention Specialist  
Shelley Yohnka, Director of Human Resources 269
Laura Ryland, Human Resource Specialist 221
Cinnamon Pakes, Human Resource Assistant 226
Human Resources Fax (530) 541-8611

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Josh Smith, Director of Information Technology  700
David Burba, Systems Administrator II
Bill Abiko, Systems Administrator I
Jose Sanchez, Multimedia Specialist II
Chase Waterman, Technician III & Help Desk
IT Helpdesk

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Front Desk 752
Dr. Ray Gamba, Vice President of Academic Affairs
Lori Thorne, Administrative Assistant to VP of Academic Affairs
Brad Deeds, Dean of Workforce Development 225
Kelsey Allen, Administrative Assistant to the Deans 158
Sara Hunter, Administrative Assistant to the Deans 225

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Marta Sternal, International Student Coordinator 755

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Amber Goligoski, Coordinator 703

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Dr. Elizabeth Balint, Director of Institutional Effectiveness 101
Jared Arnold, Database Analyst 119
Michael Bangs, Research Analyst 190

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ISSI Main Line 363

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Antonio Benitez, Program Director


Library, Main 232
Reference Desk 733
Melanie Chu, Director of Library and Learning Services 233
Kymber Ensele, Library and Learning Services Support Specialist 242

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Felix Chagoya, Director of Maintenance and Operations  260
Jose Gutierrez, Facilities and Maintenance Technician 486
Davin Kangas 515
Vacant, Facilities and Maintenance Technician 290
Roberto Perez 515
Hugo Perez, Lead 515
Program Assistant 270

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Diane Lewis, Director

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Eryn Blankenship, Marketplace Manager
Jose Sanchez, Multimedia Specialist II
Rachael Sweeten, Director of Online Learning 364

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Julia Fisher, Purchasing Technician 212

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Maddie Weinberg, Digital Print & Mail Room Technician 200
Shane Reynolds, Director of the Rising Scholars Program 194
Tori Kuwahara, Rising Scholars Program Specialist
Program Assistant
Ricki Rozga, Schedule Production Specialist 596
Kellie Greiner, Director
Dr. Beth Marinelli-Laster, Learning Disability Specialist 291

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Dr. Michelle Batista, Vice President of Student Services 751
Emily Shaw, Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Student Services 751
Austin Stephens, Student Life Coordinator  206
Jeff DeFranco, Superintendent/President 210
Ali Bissonnette, Chief of Staff for Strategic Initiatives 145
Lisa Shafer, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent/President 210
Kelsey Magoon, Board, Governance, and Policy Assistant 127

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Theatre Box Office, Main 207
Theatre Technician 359
Leslie Amato, Director of Child Development Programs (530) 541-8767
Jennifer David, Lead Teacher (530) 541-8767
Sarah Woldt, Lead Teacher (530) 541-8767


Gladys Aguilar, TRiO Programs Director (530) 541-6404 x 1743

TRiO Upward Bound

David Czarnecki, Lead Program Coordinator (530) 541-4111 x 1845
Nicole Robinson, Instructional Specialist (530) 541-4111 x 1845

Visit the TRiO Upward Bound Office

TRiO Educational Talent Search

Nicole Robinson, Student Support Specialist (high school) (530) 541-4111 x 1846
Karina Alvarez, Student Support Specialist (Middle School)
(530) 541-6404 x 1743

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Dr. Nathan Smith  
Damion Estrada, Program Coordinator/Instructor 463

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Amber Goligoski 703

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