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Health Meta Major IconThe Lake Tahoe Basin Fire Academy at Lake Tahoe Community College is offered through partnerships with the Lake Valley Fire Protection District, South Lake Tahoe Fire Rescue, and Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District. Lake Tahoe Community College is recognized by the California State Fire Marshal and the State Board of Fire Services as an Accredited Regional Training Program (ARTP).
The Fire Academy is offered in a two-quarter format in the winter/spring quarters (subject to change). This enables students to maintain employment while preparing for a career in fire service. The Academy's required 80% academic standard and intense physical requirements are rigorous. Candidates need to be aware that the program places extraordinary demands on time and resources. Students are required to have reliable transportation since the majority of the classes meet at various off campus training facilities, up to 35 miles from campus. 

Applicants planning to enter the LTBFA in the 2023-2024 Academic Year, Class 18, are REQUIRED to attend a MANDATORY Orientation. A date has not been set at this time. Please fill out the "Get More Info" student inquiry form so we can contact you when we have more information. There may be a random lottery based on demand. Students should expect to meet Monday, Wednesdays, and Saturdays from 8am-7pm, plus a significant amount of “to be announced” hours (subject to change). The instructor will verify prerequisites prior to the first day of class. For career opportunities, it is highly recommended that students obtain an EMT or Paramedic license. 

See current catalog for details.
All courses from the following (37 units):
FIR 191M Special Topic: Lake Tahoe Basin Fire Academy, Part A (12.75)
FIR 191N Special Topic: Lake Tahoe Basin Fire Academy, Part B (12)
HEA 131BD Special Topic: Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) (12.25)
C. ELECTIVE UNITS to bring the total to 90 units



All courses from the following (24.75 units):
FIR 191M Special Topic: Lake Tahoe Basin Fire Academy, Part A (12.75)
FIR 1191N Lake Tahoe Basin Fire Academy, Part B (12)

There are A NUMBER OF STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS that you can apply for each spring. Scholarships make it possible to earn money for college that does not ever need to be repaid. While some of LTCC's scholarships are competitive, there is a wide variety available you can apply for for free that are awarded based on all kinds of qualities and interests.

• A minimum of 21 hours of Public Safety First Aid and CPR certification as documented in the California Health and Safety Code 1797.182. 

 Courses at LTCC that exceed this prerequisite include HEA106, HEA131BD, and WLD107B.  Prerequisites will be verified by the instructor before the first day of class. Please bring a copy of your prerequisites documentation to LTBFA Mandatory Orientation Meeting. Check back for updates.

• Completion of HEA106 (Emergency Medical Responder) or EMR card, OR Completion of HEA131BD (ST: Emergency Medical Technician) with a "B" or better or equivalent EMT course certificate of completion.

•  A physician's clearance is required for participation.

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What do I get when I complete the Fire Academy?

You will receive a certificate of completion for the training hours required by the State Fire Marshal's Office for Firefighter I, along with Fire Service Training & Education Program (FSTEP) and National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) certificates in several areas. After completing our program, you must successfully complete the Firefighter 1 Certification Examination. At that time, you will be eligible to apply for the actual Firefighter I certificate through the Fire Marshal's Office with the approval of a California Fire Chief.

What is the Firefighter I Certification Examination?

Beginning January 2020, anyone completing a Firefighter I academy must successfully complete a skills and written examination process before they can become certified. The evaluators for the testing process must be certified by the California State Fire Training and must be different than the instructors who taught at your fire academy. More information will be provide during the LTBFA.

Where do I sign up?

Applicants planning to enter the LTBFA are REQUIRED to attend a LTBFA Mandatory orientation, time and place are TBD. 

We'd love to have you join us at Lake Tahoe Community College. To learn more, please complete the "Get More Info" form in the tab above for more information about this program. 


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