Credit & Refund Policy

  • Eligibility

To be eligible for a refund, a student must officially withdraw from a course by the stated deadline. See the class schedule for exact refund dates, as each course may have different dates. 

If registration occurs after the refund date for a class, no refund will be available.

For summer or short courses, withdrawal must occur within the first 10% of the course (often this the first day).

If you decide not to attend classes, it is YOUR responsibility to officially withdraw within published deadlines to avoid penalty grades and fee obligations.  A withdrawal initiated by a professor may not result in a refund.

  • Issuance & Balances

LTCC issues refunds on all counts that have a positive balance on or around the 2nd week of each quarter. We do not leave credit on the account unless it is requested by the student.

  • Processing

Fees paid by personal check(s) require 10 business days for bank clearance before refunds can be processed.


  • Financial Aid Refunds

Students who receive financial aid and withdraw from classes are advised to call the Financial Aid Office regarding possible repayment of federal funds if received prior to withdrawal.

  • Refunds Due to Action of College

Fees will be credited or refunded if an action of the College (e.g. class cancellation) prevents a student from attending.