High School Students

Steps to Enrollment

Step 1: Apply Online

Apply to Lake Tahoe Community College using a California Community Colleges OpenCCC account. The information in your account is kept private and secure. Once your application is processed, you will receive an email with your LTCC Student ID number, username and default password. 

Note: Student ID number is required to move on to Step 2. 

Step 2: Meet With High School Counselor

Meet with your high school counselor for course recommendations, to discuss which courses are eligible for credit towards high school graduation. Most courses are available to high school students. Then fill out the following form requesting first your parent's and then your high school counselor's approval.

Fill out the 9-12 College Placement Form for your high school counselor's approval.


  • Participant 1 is the student
  • Participant 2 is the parent/guardian
  • Participant 3 is the high school counselor/administrator

Note: You are not eligible to enroll until you receive an email from an LTCC Counselor prompting you to register. 

NEW: A meeting with an LTCC Counselor is no longer required for high school students, however you are welcome to make an appointment if you have questions.


Step 3: Register for Classes

Registration for high school students can be completed in-person or via the Self-Service Portal after completing Steps 1-2.

In-person: Students may register in-person during Open Registration.

Online: Students may register online at LTCC's Self-Service Portal.

Video Tutorials: How to register for classes 


Special Admission was designed in coordination with the local high school to serve the needs of students within South Lake Tahoe and nearby areas. Students enrolled in grades 9-12 must be recommended by their principal or high school counselor to take advanced scholastic and/or vocational coursework. The recommendation is subject to approval by LTCC's counselors. Consent by a parent or guardian is also required. Some courses may have restrictions based on age, grade level, or assessment standards. As a general rule, no students below grade 9 will be allowed to enroll in college courses.

One way LTCC’s partnership with South Tahoe High School is fundamentally supporting student success is through a program called Dual Enrollment. This free program offers local high school students an opportunity to earn college and high school credits simultaneously. All LTUSD students are welcome to participate in the program, which begins by taking Healthy Lifestyle Choices during 9th grade.

Dual enrollment is a wonderful opportunity for high school students to get ahead on college credits, fulfill high school graduation requirements, and ultimately save money. All dual enrollment courses take place at South Tahoe High School during the regular scheduled day.

For more information about Dual Enrollment, contact:

We've already seen success from the Dual Enrollment program and ongoing TRiO program partnerships between LTCC and LTUSD, and LTCC is committed to seeking more opportunities for us to work together to support the educational goals and needs of local youth.

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Depending on residency status and the number of units a student wishes to enroll in, high school student tuition fees may be waived. For more information about registration fees for high school students, please visit our Fees page


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