Maintaining F-1 Student Status

To maintain international student status, all international students who have an F-1 visa status must follow the immigration regulation determined by the United States government. Please review the information below to ensure that your are properly maintaining your international student status.

• Enroll full-time at Lake Tahoe Community College (12 units) in both Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters

• Make progress towards your major

• NO unauthorized employment

• Report to the International Student Coordinator with 10 days of any changes of name, address, telephone, major, dependents, intent to move out of the area, plans to travel, and/or graduation date

• Maintain a valid and current Passport

• Keep original immigration documents (Passport, Visa, I-20) in a safe, secure place

• Maintain current and active International Student Health Insurance


Maintaining Valid Immigration Documents


• Must be aware of the expiration date

• If students cannot complete their educational goal by the date listed on their I-20, students must request a program extension before the expiration date on the I-20. Students who do not file a program extension in a timely manner will be considered out of status.


• All students with an F-1 status must keep their passport valid at all times. If the passport will expire soon, the student must renew it through the embassy or consulate of their home country. More details are available here.

Change of Local Address

• Students who change their local address must report the change to the International Student Coordinator within 10 days of moving

Maintaining your F-1 status makes you eligible for:

• Traveling on the F-1 Visa

• Program Extension

• Transfer Eligibility

• Concurrent Enrollment

• Employment for F-1