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Education is a gift that lasts a lifetime!

Most LTCC students benefit from financial assistance including scholarships. Each quarter students attend LTCC with hopes and dreams of realizing their potential and your support can be the single most important factor to their success. This year, the LTCC Foundation gave out 132 awards worth $148,000!


Investing in the Future – Supporting Lake Tahoe Community College Students Through Scholarships

For many community college students, lack of money prevents them from continuing school and earning a degree. The scholarship contribution you make enables students to focus on their studies by removing the worry of how are they going to pay for their classes or textbooks.  Your gift also provides encouragement: the knowledge that someone else cares enough to invest in them, and that often is the key to their success. 

Please take this opportunity to make a positive impact on our community by contributing to scholarships for Lake Tahoe Community College students. You can contribute to an existing scholarship or establish a new scholarship.  For information on establishing a new scholarship please contact Nancy Harrison in the foundation at (530)541-4660 x.245 or

Additional Scholarships

Many additional scholarship opportunities exist with specific criteria. Please contact Nancy Harrison, Foundation Executive Director at 530-541-4660 x 245 to discuss additional scholarship opportunities. If you already know the scholarship that you would like to create, please complete the LTCC Foundation Scholarship Contract and email it to or return it to the Foundation Office, room A-108.

Many students attending Lake Tahoe Community College from local high schools would not be continuing their education without this scholarship. Wonderful donors provide funding for the Foundation for the Future Scholarship through annual fund donations.

For more information on how to apply for Scholarships please visit scholarships.