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Education is a gift that lasts a lifetime!

Most LTCC students benefit from financial assistance including scholarships. Each quarter students attend LTCC with hopes and dreams of realizing their potential and your support can be the single most important factor to their success. This year, the LTCC Foundation gave out 132 awards worth $148,000!



Endowed Scholarships 

Scholarship donors have an opportunity to create a named endowed scholarship for a minimum contribution of $10,000. Once the scholarship is established, the principle is never spent and annual interest is awarded to students who meet established scholarship criteria.


Foundation for the Future Scholarships

Foundation for the Future scholarships began with South Lake Tahoe High School graduates from the Class of 2000. Foundation for the Future Scholarships provide up to $1,000 to South Tahoe High School and Whittell High School graduates who demonstrate financial need and graduate with a minimum 3.0 grade point average. Eligible students must successfully complete at least 10 units at LTCC in the summer or fall following high school graduation; successful students will receive a $500 scholarship during the winter quarter. Students who continue at LTCC and successfully complete at least 10 units in the winter or spring after their high school graduation, will receive another $500 scholarship during their second winter quarter.


Additional Scholarships

Many additional scholarship opportunities exist with specific criteria. Please contact Nancy Harrison, Foundation Executive Director at 530-541-4660 x 245 to discuss additional scholarship opportunities. If you already know the scholarship that you would like to create, please complete the LTCC Foundation Scholarship Contract and email it to or return it to the Foundation Office, room A-108.

Many students attending Lake Tahoe Community College from local high schools would not be continuing their education without this scholarship. Wonderful donors provide funding for the Foundation for the Future Scholarship through annual fund donations.


 Scholarship Donor Spotlight

 Thank you, Jessica Ledbetter, for giving $20,000 in scholarships
to LTCC students every year!

In 2010 Jessica Ledbetter established the Erica Faye Ledbetter Scholarship Program in memory of her sister. Jessica generously donates of $20,000 per school year, to assist Lake Tahoe Community College students with their educational expenses. Ten students who are working towards an A.A. Degree at LTCC or transferring to a four-year university receive each receive a $2,000 scholarship award to pursue their educational and career goals.

The recipients of the Erica Faye Ledbetter Scholarships are students who face hardships as they seek to complete their goals; such hardships may include coming back to school later in life to improve employment opportunities; attending college as single parent; first-generation college students; students on the track to citizenship, or new citizens; and students facing language barriers, and/or economic hardships.

Applicants must have completed a minimum of 24 quarter units at LTCC by the end of the Winter Quarter; they must also be enrolled at LTCC during the Spring Quarter in a minimum of 12 quarter units. Applications are generally submitted in early May of each school year; recipients are notified in early June, and recognized at the annual Awards Ceremony. Scholarship awards are disbursed in the fall, after students provide proof of full-time enrollment at LTCC or a four-year university.