College Learning & Enrollment Management Council (CLEMC)


The College Learning and Enrollment Management Council (CLEMC) serves as a college-wide governing body for coordinated quality learning and enrollment management at Lake Tahoe Community College. The purpose of CLEMC is to commission, review, and approve the work of various committees, task forces, and individuals in areas related to the general charge of the CLEMC.



  • Acts as an effective participatory governance body to assist in the decision making and the implementation of decisions involving academic matters. The CLEMC will act in compliance with Board Policy and the nature of participatory governance as established in Title 5, California Education Code, and California State regulations and legislation.
  • Ensures that its communication, deliberation, and decision-making processes incorporate the input of the Academic Senate and that all 10+3 matters are forwarded to the Academic Senate for its recommendation.
  • Determines, by consensus, whether items will be forwarded to the Institutional Effectiveness Council (IEC) as consent or action items.
  • The CLEMC contributes to discussions and decision making regarding academic and student services policies.
  • Oversees and reviews Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs).


Recommends to:

Academic Senate and Institutional Effectiveness Council

For more information about the College Learning and Enrollment Management Council Membership and Appointment Process, Quorum, Recommendations, and Work Teams please refer to the LTCC Governance Handbook 2017-2018.

To access the College Learning and Enrollment Management Council Minutes, Agendas, and other information please refer to the College Learning and Enrollment Management Council Active Minutes page on Board Docs.