Institutional Effectiveness Council (IEC)


At Lake Tahoe Community College, the Board of Trustees established the Institutional Effectiveness Council (IEC) to serve as the official body on campus to provide faculty, staff, administrators, and students the opportunity to participate in the governance and consensus decision-making processes of the College in areas specified in the Functions listed below. The IEC recognizes that ethical and effective leadership resides throughout the institution and encourages all constituents to participate in an ongoing effort to improve the practices, programs and services of the College. When ideas for improvement have policy, budget or other significant institution-wide implications, the IEC provides a process for effective discussion, planning and implementation. The IEC also recognizes and respects that other organizations on campus have areas of responsibility for college governance issues.



  • Advise the Superintendent/President on policies and procedures and related College issues and implements the College’s overall planning activities with the prioritization of short- and long-term goals and priorities.
  • Act as the institutional accreditation steering committee and makes recommendations for ongoing institutional improvement.
  • Act as a resource to the campus on accreditation issues; understands accrediting standards and informs the College community.
  • Develop and implements processes and procedures to evaluate institutional integrity and effectiveness, including governance and consensus decision-making structures and processes; widely communicates these results and assures their use for institutional improvement.
  • Facilitate communication and consultation on issues related to institutional policy and planning including progress in achieving College goals and institutional effectiveness.
  • Review recommendations of the institutional councils – College Learning Council, Budget Council, Facilities Council, and Technology Council - and facilitates collaboration between these councils to ensure alignment with the Strategic Plan and its short- and long-term goals and priorities.
  • Review and updates the College’s Strategic Plan and its mission, vision, and belief statements through the coordination of college-wide consultation.


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For more information about the Institutional Effectiveness Council Staff, Membership, Quorum, and Recommendations, please refer to the LTCC Governance Handbook 2017-2018.

To access the Institutional Effectiveness Council Minutes, Agendas, and other information please refer to the Institutional Effectiveness Council Active Minutes page on Board Docs.