Technology Council


The Technology Council provides oversight for development and implementation of the College’s technology strategic plan as well as the initiatives of the Board of Trustees. The council acts on the proposals and recommendations by the Office of Information Technology Services (OITS) and the various Governance Councils. The proposals and recommendations may be approved, rejected, or returned to the recommending committee for modification. Additionally, the council recommend and reviews technology related policies and procedures.

The Technology Council resolves any prioritization, resource allocation, and standards or policy conflicts that cannot be resolved by the OITS in working with other Governance Councils. The Technology Council ensures that technology initiatives are consistent with College goals, priorities, and resources; and appoints project teams for approved projects.



  • Holds primary responsibility for the development of the Technology Master Plan.
  • Coordinate the response to relevant accreditation requirements for the Self Study.
  • Develop, interpret, recommend, and communicate policies, guidelines, and procedures related to the Technology Master Plan.
  • Communicate information to faculty, staff, and administration as well as through the IEC as appropriate.
  • Act as a recommended body to the Budget Council on issues related to technology.
  • Collaborate with the College Learning and Enrollment Management Council (CLEMC).


Recommends to:

Institutional Effectiveness Council (IEC)


For more information about the Technology Council Staff, Membership and Appointment Process, Quorum, and Recommendations, please refer to the LTCC Governance Handbook 2017-2018.

To access the Technology Council Minutes, Agendas, and other information please refer to the Technology Council Active Minutes page on Board Docs.