Academic Senate

2020 LTCC Academic Senate Constitution and Bylaws


Vision Statement

The Academic Senate, in accordance with Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations, shall be the recognized representative of the faculty to the administration and governing board of Lake Tahoe Community College in matters concerning academic and professional issues, and shall participate in the formation and revision of district policies and procedures in all matters of an academic and professional nature.


Responsibilities of Academic Senate

• Promote the general welfare of Lake Tahoe Community College and the faculty

• Promote the development and maintenance of high standards in teaching within a framework of academic freedom, professional responsibility, and ethics

• Strengthen the role that faculty members play in the College’s governance processes. Participate in the process of developing the educational philosophy, objectives, plans, and budgets of the district

• Participate in the selection of administrative and management personnel and faculty

• Assess and declare positions on existing and proposed legislation relative to the welfare of the district and the California Community College system

• Represent the faculty of Lake Tahoe Community College and make recommendations to the college administration and the district governing board LTCC: Academic Senate Page 3 of 14 Ratified: June 01, 2012 with respect to local and statewide academic and professional matters and the formation of college policy. "Academic and professional matters" means the policy development and implementation matters delineated in Section 2.