Student Lab & Assessment Center

The Student Lab and Assessment Center at Lake Tahoe Community College is an on-campus lab located in Room D121. Any registered student may make use of it. The computers in the lab have all of the software necessary for any class taught on LTCC's campus. Free printing is available for class and academic-related materials, along with a scanner for student use.

  • Computers Available for Student Use
  • Software for All Classes
  • Free Academic-Related Printing
  • Class and Computer Assistance Offered
  • Instructional Aide on Duty
  • Scanner Access
  • Work on Your Online Classes Here!



The computer lab is also the place to take computerized Math and paper & pencil English Assessments as part of the Assessment portion of the Guidance and Planning for Success (GPS) program. You will need to have a photo ID and an LTCC Student ID Number. You do not need to take the English assessment if you have high school/college transcripts or AP, SAT, ACT, or EAP test scores. If you do have any of these documents, bring them directly to a counselor to be placed into the appropriate English class based on these scores. Make sure to allow for enough time to take the assessments you need to complete. The Math Assessment takes about 1 hour. Be mindful of the closing times for the lab when planning for your assessment (noted to the right on desktop or below on mobile devices). The assessment will have its own tutorial or set of instructions explaining how the assessment works. Please read through the tutorial carefully. If you have any questions about how the assessment software works, just ask the on-duty Instructional Aide at any time.

Math Assessment Information and Tips

The Math Assessment is designed to determine your current math level. This is not a test; it instead assesses understanding. There will be questions on the assessment ranging from relatively easy to very difficult. If you encounter a problem that contains material you've never seen before or simply have no idea how to answer, skip that problem. Unanswered questions will not count against you. However, guessing at a problem and guessing incorrectly will negatively affect your result. Please do not randomly guess the answers to questions you do not know.

  • Takes about 1 hour to complete
  • Has a time limit of 45 minutes or 1 hour depending on Assessment level
  • No calculators or cell phones allowed
  • Scratch paper and pencils will be provided
  • Be sure to double-check your work
  • Do not randomly guess! Skip anything you don't know
  • Ask the on-duty Aide any questions about the assessment at any time
English Assessment Information

If you have high school/college transcripts or AP, SAT, ACT, or EAP test scores, bring them directly to a counselor to be placed directly into an English class!

Note: In lieu of transcripts, students may get permission from a Counselor to take the Accuplacer English assessment.