TRiO Educational Talent Search



To be admitted to the ETS Program, students must be committed to reaching the following goals:


    • Complete the current academic year and continue in school for the next academic year at the next grade level
    • Complete a rigorous secondary school program of study.
    • Graduate with a regular high school diploma.
    • Enroll in an institution of higher education by the fall term immediately following high school graduation.
    • Obtain a college degree.
ETS Participants Receive

ETS Students

• Tutoring services Academic, financial, and career guidance

• Career exploration and planning assistance

• Assistance in completing college admissions and financial aid applications step by step • Workshops to develop skills for success

• FREE trips to four year schools

• FREE trips to cultural events

• Assistance in preparing for college entrance exams

• Workshops for parents in English and Spanish to provide information and support

In 2010-2015, LTCC's Educational Talent Search program is funded entirely from the U.S. Department of Education, in the amount of $230,000 annually.


South Tahoe High School Application (ENG)

South Tahoe High School Application (SPA)

South Tahoe Middle School Application (ENG)

South Tahoe Middle School Application (SPA)