Employee Benefits

Health and Welfare Open Enrollment 2017/2018

There will be no rate increases for 2017/18 for all PPO plans. In addition, the Basic Plan has been enriched as the deductible has been reduced to $1,000 per person and $2,000 for family, and the coinsurance has been reduced to 30%. There will also be no rate increases for our dental and vision plans. This rate lock is partly the result of a multi-year effort of work by the JPA (with LTCC representative participation) to better contain costs, renegotiate better medical provider contracts, and be more efficient. 

To compare the information for all four, see the Benefits at a Glance.
What you need to do for Open Enrollment 2017/18:

Fill out a Form:

  1. If you end up in Premier or Standard for 2017/18, fill out a Payroll Deduction Form
  2. If you end up in Basic for 2017/18, fill out a Payroll Contribution Form and sign up for either a 403(b) or 457 plan if not already
  3. If you end up in CDHP for 2017/18, fill out a Payroll Contribution Form and sign up for either a HSA, 403(b) or 457 plan if not already
Do you want to change your plan?

Electronically fill out the Change Form

All forms must be submitted to Human Resources by Friday, May 26, 2017 at 5pm.   

Plan Information

The PPO Plan Book has definitions, explanations of medical benefits, claim procedures and more.  Please look here for detailed information about the PPO plan.

Each eligible employee has the choice between four levels of coverage:

All levels of coverage include the same Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance:

The CalSTRS Pension2 Booklet has detailed information about 403(b) and 457 retirement plans.

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Health and Welfare

The District provides an annual cap of $18,456 per eligible employee, along with their dependents, to be applied toward a Health and Welfare benefit package and medical plan of their choice from our Tri County Schools Insurance Group (TCSIG) provider.
The Health and Welfare benefit package includes a choice of four comprehensive medical plans (premier, standard, basic, and CDHP) that accompany dental, vision, life insurance, and long-term disability (from American Fidelity) benefits.
Information about TCSIG Insurance
To see a cornucopia of information, please visit the TCSIG website.
TCSIG Health Insurance
TCSIG provides employees with Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans that include out of pocket deductibles.  The PPO recently expanded to include all Blue Cross/Blue Shield providers. 
The following benefits are FREE to all benefited employees regardless of medical plan:
• Routine physical exams
• Preventive Child Care
• Breastfeeding Support
• Routine Flier
• Adult and Child Immunizations per the CDC
• 3 EAP Visits
• Health Coaching
Wellness Center and Wellness Program
• Telemedicine through Plushcare and eVisits
The following are helpful health insurance documents:
Summary of Benefits at a Glance 2016/17
• TCSIG Brochure
• The PPO Plan Document
TCSIG Wellness Center Information
TCSIG Wellness Center eVisits
ProAct Pharmacy Flier
PlushCare Flier
EAP Brochure
Anthem Benefit Enhancement Brochure
TCSIG Contact Page
Glossary of Terms
TCSIG Dental Insurance
All TCSIG medical plans accompany the D1B Dental Plan.  Refer to the Dental Plan Book for detailed information.  The annual maximum TCSIG will pay for dental work is $2,000 unless the insured uses a dentist approved by the Delta Preferred Option program.  Then the an additional $250 is added to the annual maximum.  If a non participating dentist is used, than costs of covered benefits will only be covered at 50%.
TCSIG Vision Insurance
All TCSIG medical plans accompany the C Vision Plan.  Refer to the C Vision Plan for detailed information.  This plan covers a free yearly eye exam.  Additionally, a yearly frame allowance of $150 (with 20% discount on frame overage) OR a yearly contact lens allowance of $140 is also included.  To view your personal benefit information visit VSP.  You may also call VSP at 800-877-7195.



LTCC is proud to offer the following three retirement systems:
• To check on CalPERS retirement information, log in.
• To check on CalSTRS retirement information, log in.
• To check on A.P.P.L.E. retirement information, log in.
Request Payout
Training and Development

The District shall make every reasonable effort each fiscal year for the professional development of its classified staff. This funding will be used to support all professional development activities, whether offered to all bargaining unit members as a group or for the individual funding of continued education or other personal development of individual unit members. (16.2.1) 

To apply for professional development funds, use the Professional Development Application.


Additional Information

Employee Orientations conducted on Thursday, January 26, 2017.
Supervisor Orientation conducted during PAC on Tuesday, February 14, 2017.
Employee Cover Letter & Position Information Questionnaire - due to your supervisor by Thursday, February 16, 2017
(Your supervisor is whoever signs your evaluation.)
Supervisors (supervisor cover letter) to turn completed forms into Human Resources by Wednesday, March 1, 2017.
Interview sessions to be conducted in March 2017.
Advisory committee members
Classified reps:
Kathy Strain - ext. 267
Heather Cade - ext. 212
Julie Booth - ext. 477
Confidential/Director rep:

Al Frangione - ext. 322
District reps:

Shelley Hansen - ext. 269
Mark Zacovic, Ph.D. - ext. 675
"Small 8" Community College Comparisons:
Lake Tahoe Community College District
Mendocino-Lake Community College District
Siskiyous Joint Community College District
Feather River Community College District
Barstow Community College District
Copper Mountain College District
Lassen Community College District
Palo Verde Community College District
Local Public Agency Comparisons:
Lake Tahoe Unified School District
City of South Lake Tahoe
El Dorado County
South Tahoe Public Utilities District
El Dorado County of Education