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  • How will I receive my financial aid?

All financial aid funds are disbursed on scheduled dates each quarter. Federal grant aid (Pell Grant, Direct Loans) disburses twice each term with 50% of the scheduled award being disbursed on or after each scheduled date based on the student's enrollment level and program eligibility. Federal Direct Loans are also disbursed in two payments based on the approved loan period. Cal Grant and Student Success Completion Grant funds are disbursed in a single payment each quarter after the census date (last day to drop with full refund) of the quarter.


  • When will I receive my funds?
Payment Sequence Number Summer Disbursement Dates Fall Disbursement Dates Winter Disbursement Dates Spring Disbursement Dates
1 July 6, 2023  September 12, 2023 January 2, 2024 April 4, 2024
2 July 27, 2023  October 19, 2023 February 4, 2024 May 14, 2024
*These are the first disbursement dates for each payment period, but these are not the only disbursement dates. LTCC disburses funds every 2-3 weeks to pay students who register and/or complete financial aid documents late. 
*The word "Disbursement" refers to the date that the funds will credit your LTCC account. Receipt of funds is expected through BankMobile within 14 days of the above disbursement dates.
*These are scheduled disbursement dates, and may be subject to change. We will update as soon as possible if changes occur. 
*Direct Loan Note: All first-time borrowers will be subject to a 30-day delay on their first loan disbursement. The 30-day period begins on the first day that the student attends a class at LTCC, not necessarily the first day of the quarter, of the loan application, or loan approval date.


  • What is a Financial Aid Refund?

All disbursed financial aid (grants, federal student loans, and scholarships) may be first applied toward current institutional fees you may owe Lake Tahoe Community College, such as enrollment fees, health fees, student representation fees, course material fees, and non-resident tuition. For the majority of in-state students, your financial aid award is generally more than the amount owed, and you will be paid the remaining balance, commonly referred to as a "financial aid refund."

- Application is completed prior to start of quarter
- Enrolled in the required number of units at least one week prior to start of quarter
- Not subject to disqualification
- Have no holds


Direct Loan

  • All first-time borrowers will be subject to a 30-day delay on their first loan disbursement.
  • The 30-day period begins on the first day of classes, not of the academic quarter, the loan application, or approval date. 
  • To cancel or reduce your loan amount, you must submit a written request to the Financial Aid Office 15 business days prior to the disbursement.
  • Direct Loan Entrance/Exit Counseling 


Financial Aid Office Policy

Students may be required to present a valid picture I.D. when asking questions and submitting documentation to LTCC's Financial Aid Office.