Eligibility for Services

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) provides programs and support services to students with verified disabilities as defined by Title 5 of the California Education Code. SAS is the primary provider for academic adjustments, auxiliary aids, services, or instruction that facilitates equal educational opportunities for students with disabilities who can benefit from instruction as required by federal and state laws. 

Any registered student with a verifiable disability is eligible for SAS. The use of services is voluntary. Students do not need to have a disability to enroll in classes offered by SAS however, in order to receive academic accommodations students must have a verifiable disability.

Disability Categories:

    • 56032 Physical Disability
    • 56034 Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH)
    • 56035 Blind and Low Vision
    • 56036 Learning Disability (LD)
    • 56037 Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)
    • 56038 Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
    • 56039 Intellectual Disability (ID)
    • 56040 Autism Spectrum
    • 56042 Mental Health Disability
    • 56044 Other Health Conditions and Disabilities

NOTE: Authority cited: CA Education Code

Verification of Disability

SAS certificated staff uses documentation to evaluate a student’s experience of their condition, identify impacts on a major life activity, and identify impacts in an academic setting. By means of this review combined with consultation with the student, certificated staff makes informed decisions to determine reasonable and appropriate accommodations. Documentation must include the provider’s signature, license number, and contact information, as well as student's name and identifying information such a date of birth or social security number. If the documentation provided does not contain sufficient information for staff to determine whether an accommodation is necessary, the student will be informed of the insufficiency and additional documentation may be requested. Temporary accommodations may be arranged pending receiving additional documentation and will be at the discretion of certificated staff in consultation with the student and SAS Director.

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student accessibility services
  • Kellie Greiner
    Kellie Greiner
    Student Accessibility Services Director
  • Dr. Beth Marinelli-Laster
    Dr. Beth Marinelli-Laster
    Learning Disability Specialist