The Student Accessibility Services office at Lake Tahoe Community College provides services and accommodations that focus on equal access to education for students with verifiable disabilities. Services and accommodations are selected through a collaborative process between specialist and student. While services are outlined in California Ed Code, each Academic Accommodation Plan is unique and individualized to the student's needs.

Services and accommodations must be requested by students every quarter.

  • Individualized Support Services May Include:
      • Learning Disability Assessment
      • Disability-Related and Advocacy Counseling
      • Equipment Loans and Training
      • Sign Language Interpreter, Typewell, CART
      • Learning and Memory Aids
      • Notetaking Assistance, peer notetaker
      • Alternate Media and Materials
      • Test-Taking Accommodations 
      • Registration Assistance
      • Reduced Course Load Waiver
      • Disability Service Transfer Support
      • Liason with Campus Faculty and Staff
      • Referrals to On-Campus and Community Agencies
  • High-Tech Center

Any student active with SAS has full access to the High-Tech Lab, located in Room E106. This space offers:

      • Dual monitor desktop computers with adaptive software
      • Special keyboard configurations
      • Station and monitor for Low-Vision 
      • Headphones, noise cancelling headphones, and ear plugs
      • Printing
      • School supplies and tools for organization
      • Adaptive furniture
  • Zen Den

Student Accessibility Services has a modular relaxation room for registered students to use. Do you need a quiet space to be alone, meditate, decompress, and practice mental and emotional wellness? This space provides a calming sensory experience to support reduced stress and anxiety on campus. Stop by the High-Tech Lab to learn more or make an appointment to use the Zen Den. 

  • Sign Language Interpreting Services

Students requiring the use of a Sign Language Interpreter are asked to complete a Sign Language Interpreter Request Form, which can be found on the SAS forms page. Requests for live ASL interpretation must be made no less than 2 weeks prior to needing an interpreter. 

  • Digital Accessibility for All

Customize webpages to your unique needs with the use of HelperBird Software. This is a free Accessibility & Dyslexia Software Extension to support all LTCC students and staff.

      • Download HelperBird:
      • Upgrade your HelperBird Software to Pro copying and pasting this code into the HelperBird settings: U2FsdGVkX1+Yf7/wbBAcTAO41y2JTo5ZqAKSYXnRkz0=
student accessibility services
  • Kellie Greiner
    Kellie Greiner
    Student Accessibility Services Director
  • Dr. Beth Marinelli-Laster
    Dr. Beth Marinelli-Laster
    Learning Disability Specialist