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The Library & Learning Services at Lake Tahoe Community College promotes LTCC's mission by providing personalized research and tutoring support services, quality information literacy instruction, and course-related library materials for all students. We facilitate access and success through student-centered services, spaces, and collections. We strive to be an engaging and dynamic academic hub for students' individualized and collaborative tutoring, learning, and research needs. 

Student Learning & Service Area Outcomes

The mission and vision of the Library & Learning Services is guided by the following Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) and Service Area Outcomes (SAOs).

Student Learning Outcome: Information Literacy

As a result of library instruction (e.g., reference interactions, research orientations, workshops), students will develop and apply information literacy, critical thinking, and lifelong learning skills. 

These skills include identifying, locating, evaluating, analyzing, and ethically utilizing relevant resources to accomplish a stated information need, following standards outlined by the Association of College and Research Libraries. For example:

● Students will be able to determine the information's credibility, value, and authority.

● Students will be able to distinguish between scholarly and popular sources.

● Students will demonstrate curiosity and persistence in developing search strategies and formulating research questions. 

● Students will be able to analyze and synthesize multiple points of view and conflicting perspectives. 

● Students will be able to appropriately cite and ethically integrate their sources in their papers, presentations, and projects. 

Student Learning Outcome: Tutoring

As a result of tutoring services (e.g., embedded tutoring, small group tutoring, tutoring in all modalities), students will develop and apply information literacy, critical thinking, and lifelong learning skills. For example: 

● Students will feel more comfortable accessing tutoring and asking for help.

● Students will have an increased level of engagement in the subject. 

● Students will demonstrate increased confidence in their grasp of course materials. 

● Students will apply successful learning behaviors modeled by tutors, such as asking questions, participating in class discussions, taking better notes, and visiting office hours. 

● Students will demonstrate perseverance, a willingness to attempt difficult material repeatedly, and be prepared to transition to more advanced concepts.     

Service Area Outcome: Resources

All students will have access to library information and technological resources, both in the library and online, that support and supplement the curriculum, course assignments, and student success. For example: 

● Students will find appropriate, up-to-date resources to support their curriculum-based research and learning needs in the library’s collection. 

● Students will develop their digital literacy skills utilizing their own devices or those borrowed from the library. 

● Students will demonstrate increased confidence in using library resources, from books to Chromebooks to hotspots.

Service Area Outcome: Services

The library will support student success by providing all students with appropriate library services, both in-person and online, to meet students’ academic needs.​ For example: 

● Students will increase their library and tutoring services usage, as indicated through circulation, headcounts, and tutoring analytics quarter by quarter.

● Students who utilize library and tutoring services will be more likely to succeed, when compared with students who do not utilize library and tutoring services.

Academic success may be indicated with longitudinal institutional data such as persistence from quarter to quarter, grade point average, and/or graduation/transfer rates. 


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  • Over 27,000 sq. ft. library and adjoining art gallery (opened 2006, expanded in 2017)
  • Convenient access to tutoring in Math, Writing, and Subject areas
  • Books and materials that support the curriculum
  • Online access to research databases and scholarly journals
  • Quarterly textbook lending 
  • Chromebooks and group study rooms for student use

  • Melanie Aponte Chu
    Melanie Aponte Chu
    Library Director
  • Kymber Ensele
    Kymber Ensele
    Library Support Specialist
  • Nadine Trouyet-Davis
    Nadine Trouyet-Davis
    Library Tutor Program Specialist