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Hospitality Business Management

Hospitality Business Management
Spring Classes Available Starting January 2023!
HBM 381: Hospitality Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Focusing on interpersonal skills and group dynamics; this class covers key hospitality leadership and management issues. Class dates are Jan. 9 through Feb. 26, 2023, with classes held on Tuesdays from 12:10-1:15pm.
MKTG 360: Marketing
An introduction to the marketing process and the strategic managerial decisions that are made with regard to product, price, promotion, and distribution. Class dates are March 6 through April 30, 2023, with classes held on Thursdays from 10:30am-1:20pm, 3 credits.

Scholarships are available! For more information, email ucenter@ltcc.edu. For WSU class registration, contact Meredith Crosby at mecrosby@ltcc.edu. Priority registration ends December 16!

Additional Classes Available May 10 - June 8, 2023

Continue your Hospitality Management education in beautiful Lake Tahoe! Opportunity for two intensive WSU classes in Spring 2023 on LTCC's campus:

HBM 350: Beverage Management
HBM 358: Food Systems & Controls

The deadline to apply is March 1, 2023! Send your resume to Lisa Hunter at hunterl@wsu.edu and to Nancy Harrison at harrison@ltcc.edu and we'll match your skills with an employer for your internship.

Lake Tahoe Community College entered into an agreement with Washington State University, a top-tiered research university, in 2018 to offer a degree in Hospitality Business Management (HBM) through WSU Global Campus.

A hospitality business management degree is ideal for those interested in careers in casino, hotel and restaurant management, tourism, event planning, operations, and sales. At WSU you will engage in real-world learning and be fully prepared for success in the hospitality industry by the time you graduate.

Students currently can take their courses online or at the Lisa Maloff University Center on LTCC's campus.

WSU’s School of Hospitality Business Management, established in 1932, ranks among the top programs in the nation and is part of WSU’s AACSB-accredited Carson College of Business. Students in the program are eligible to apply for financial aid, and WSU’s School of Hospitality Business Management awards over $125,000 in scholarships annually.

Complete your first two years at LTCC, earning a business transfer AA degree, then apply for admission to WSU Global Campus. Applications are currently being accepted for admission to WSU Global Campus for Spring or Summer 2023.

To apply, visit WSU’s admissions website. Call Admissions Counselors at (800) 222-4978, email online.admissions@wsu.edu or visit the WSU Global Campus Hospitality Business Management webpage for more information.


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