Library Policies

Library Fines and Fees

  • Overdue books, CDs, and books on tape from the regular collection are charged 10 cents/day overdue
  • DVDs are charged $1.00/day overdue
  • Reserve items are charged $1.00/hour overdue
  • Quarterly Textbooks are charged a flat fee of $25.00 per item overdue
  • Lost and/or damaged items require replacement at full retail value, plus taxes and a processing fee of $5.00 per item


LTCC Library Standards of Conduct

The LTCC Catalog section under "Student Rights and Responsibilities" describes general Standards of Conduct. In the library, these standards have been clarified to ensure an environment conducive to study, research, and collaboration.  

Students and patrons are expected to respect the rights of others and their use of the library. They are to avoid engaging in any behaviors that: 1) interfere with the ability of staff to conduct their work, 2) create risk or injury to self or others, 3) damage or disfigure library property.

Behaviors deemed inappropriate include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Damage, defacement or theft of library materials, including changing settings of computers, copiers or printers
  • Excessive talking or high noise levels
  • Unwanted physical contact
  • Bringing in animals, with the exception of tagged service animals assisting persons with disabilities (all service animals must be leashed and are not allowed to touch furniture)
  • Personal hygiene that disrupts the learning environment
  • Eating
  • Bringing bicycles, skateboards, etc. inside the library building
  • Leaving personal belongings unattended
  • Disregarding posted closing times
  • Indecent exposure, including bare feet

Staff will provide a warning to anyone who is deemed disruptive. The continuation of such behavior, subsequent to such notification, will result in loss of library privileges as well as referral to college administration.

Student Learning Outcomes for the Library

Program SLO #1: Students will learn to use the LTCC Library’s online subscription databases, which are today’s core academic research tool. Measurement of success: Annual usage of Ebsco’s online databases will increase at least 5% from the same quarter in the year prior.

Program SLO #2:  At least 80% of all students will express satisfaction with library services overall. Measurement of success: library user surveys.

Program SLO #3: After receiving formal library instruction, ENG 103 students will demonstrate information fluency. Measurement of success: at least 90% ENG 103 students will pass information literacy assessments.