Associate in Science for Transfer, Mathematics

The role of mathematics is vital and growing, providing solutions to problems in a wide range of sciences: social, biological, physical, behavioral, and management. The Mathematics program at Lake Tahoe Community College leading to the AA and the AS-T degrees provides students with the foundation necessary for understanding and expressing ideas in science, engineering, and human affairs. Mathematics is integrally related to computer science and statistics, which have proven invaluable to advancing research and modern industrial technology.

A math major is considered to be an excellent background for a variety of careers. The mathematics department at Lake Tahoe Community College offers a broad range of courses to meet the varied needs of students pursuing their academic goals.

Course offerings range from arithmetic to algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus for the social and life sciences, calculus and analytical geometry, linear algebra, differential equations, and statistics.

Through such coursework, students acquire the ability to think logically and abstractly, as well as develop the problem-solving and computational skills necessary in all fields of study. Courses within the mathematics curriculum fulfill general education and transfer requirements (including requirements for science and engineering majors).


Program Learning Outcomes

• Engage in logical and critical thinking.

• Read technical information.

• Demonstrate the solution to problems by translating written language into mathematical statements, interpreting information, sketching relevant diagrams, analyzing given information, formulating appropriate math statements, and checking and verifying results.



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