Free Mental Health Support for All LTCC Employees

February 11, 2022

Employee Assistance Program Flier (PDF) | How-To Tutorial Video (YouTube)


All employees at Lake Tahoe Community College now have free access to mental health support regardless of how many hours are worked or insurance and benefit status. Free service is available through LTCC's JPA, Tri-County Schools Insurance Group (TCSIG) and the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). This service is funded by LTCC and is available to all employees and anyone living in their households – children, a spouse, a parent, or a significant other.

The EAP service can help with issues such as emotional and mental health, alcohol and drug abuse, relationship problems, legal and financial issues, daily stresses, and more.

Help is available to employees and members of their household in the following three ways:

  1. Call (800) 999-7222 for immediate assistance from a licensed professional 24/7, year-round.
  2. Use to research and find a local mental health provider of your choice. Make an appointment directly with your provider first, then report it via the anthemEAP website for free coverage. 
  3. For virtual help via a smartphone, download the LiveHealth Online app (Apple and Android).

To research and find a local provider of your choice:

  • Visit and click the orange “Log in” button.
  • Enter “TCSIG” in the Company Name box and click “Login.”
  • To find providers, click “Find an EAP Provider in the Member Center” near the bottom left. You’ll need to register first before you can research providers. Be sure to choose “Lake Tahoe Community College District” in the Department/Location box when registering.
  • After registering and finding your provider, make an appointment directly with them first before you confirm it with EAP. Available providers may offer telehealth services, or in-person services, or both.

If you prefer telehealth services via an app on your smartphone:

  • Download the LiveHealth Online app (Apple and Android).
  • Call EAP at (800) 999-7222 and register with a representative to receive a Coupon Code – you’ll use that within the LiveHealth Online app for no-cost service. You’ll receive an email with complete instructions after you register.

In addition to the handy "how-to" links above, information about how to access these services along with other avenues for free and low-cost mental health support for employees and students can be found on LTCC's mental health webpage for staff and students.

For those interested in telehealth services via a smartphone, it’s a great idea not to wait and go ahead and download the LiveHealth Online app so you’re prepared to go if a crisis arises. It also makes great sense to register yourself now on the website so you can quickly find a provider when you need one.

Employees dealing with anxiety, depression, stress, feelings of hopelessness, or who just want to talk with someone anonymously about a pressing issue are strongly encouraged to make use of these services. It’s entirely free, and the EAP website and providers are available in both English and Spanish. Employees can receive up to 6 free sessions per “issue” or “event,” which can help with a myriad of problems.