File a Complaint

Lake Tahoe Community College takes all complaints of sexual harassment and sexual violence very seriously. We understand that it can be difficult for complainants or those who have witnessed a violation to come forward and file a complaint, and we’ve attempted to simplify the process as much as possible.

Questions concerning Title IX may be referred to the District Title IX Coordinator whose contact information is below. 

The District’s Title IX Coordinator is Shelley Yohnka, Chief Human Resources Officer and the Title IX Coordinator’s contact information is:

Human Resources Department
One College Drive 
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
530.541.4660 x 269 
  • Report A Complaint On Campus

Email  You can email the Title IX Coordinator ( and share the nature of the complaint. You will be contacted to schedule a meeting to discuss your complaint (a telephone call can also be scheduled if it is more convenient). During this meeting, you will be asked to share more details about your complaint so that she/he/they can determine what steps the College can take to remedy a potential hostile environment and keep you safe successful in your academic work.


  • Report a Complaint to the Local Police Department

In cases where a crime has potentially been committed, a complainant can report a complaint directly to the South Lake Tahoe Police Department by calling (530) 542-6100. Except in extreme circumstances, if you report a complaint to the College we will not share this information with the South Lake Tahoe Police Department without your permission.


  • Responding to a Complaint

The Title IX Coordinator is required to respond to reports of sexual harassment or misconduct. The Title IX Coordinator will handle information received with the utmost discretion and will only share information with others if essential. For example, the Title IX Coordinator may need to address public safety concerns on campus, comply with state and federal legal requirements, or share information to implement supportive measures.

A report of sexual harassment to the Title IX Coordinator does not necessarily lead to a full investigation. However, the Title IX Coordinator will make an assessment to determine if there is a safety risk to the campus. If the Title IX Coordinator finds there is a continued risk, the Title IX Coordinator will file the formal complaint without the Complainant's consent or cooperation.

Any individual may report sexual harassment to the District’s Title IX Coordinator.

The District strongly encourages prompt reporting of sexual harassment. Prompt reporting allows for the collection and preservation of evidence, including physical evidence, digital media, and witness statements. A delay may limit the District’s ability to effectively investigate and respond.

Administrative Procedure 3434 - Responding to Harassment Based on Sex under Title IX