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A Gift of Ethelmae and Jim Haldan

The Haldan Art Gallery was made possible through the generosity of Ethelmae and Jim Haldan. The Haldans have been coming to Lake Tahoe since the 1950's and were full-time residents for more than 25 years. The family has long admired the beauty of Lake Tahoe and is pleased to help create an appropriate venue to display the beauty of fine art for residents and visitors to our spectacular region.

The Lake Tahoe Community College Foundation is proud to be an instrumental part of making the Haldan Art Gallery a reality. Through individual donations and community support, the Foundation raised over $500,000 for the Capital Campaign. The Haldan Art Gallery is truly in the hands of the community and you can be a part of it by contributing to the Haldan Gallery Investment Fund. Investment funds will be used to support ongoing gallery maintenance and expenses.

The college also recognizes the many gifts from others whose contributions have enabled the Haldan Art Gallery to become a reality.

Haldan Art Gallery Donors



Ethelmae and Jim Haldan
David and Kitt Barkley
Soroptimist International of South Lake Tahoe
Paul and Alice Baker


Up to $25,000

Accommodation Station, Inc.
Michael and Greta Hambsch
Dr. Randall and Monique Acevedo
Roger and Ann Adams
Dr. Steve and Pamela Adams
William Alameda
Everett Alexander
Don and Sandy Allie
Ronald and Francie Alling
Mark and Susan Allione
Eric and Theresa Allmeroth
Don and Laura Amaral
Patricia Amundson
Edward and Leilani Anderson
Mario and Diane Antoci
Suemi and Hilton Atherton
Ethel Aubrey
Christel Citko
Bob and Justin Baer
John and Vicki Bain
Robert Bainton
Richard Baldo
Elaine Balkevitch
Bank of America
Bank of the West
Edward and Margaret Bannar
Dr. Stephen and Barbara Bannar
Mariann Banta-Grasela
Glenn and Nancy Barclay
Barkley Meat Company
Buck and Libby Barkley
Matha Barneson
Barton Memorial Hospital
Andrea Benson
Linda Benson
Greg and Jean Bergner
Brian and Joyce Berry
Charlie and Lori Berry
Dr. Allan and Diane Bisbee
Lisa Borek
Kathy Bourne
Troy Bowser
Tim and Judy Breza
Juanita Brock
Donald and Kathe Brooks
Earl and Elsie Brothers
Robert and Carol Brunald
Dr. Larry and Amy Buckley
William and Shirley Cahill
Gina Calderon
Clive Canepa
Tod Carlini
Lawrence and Estelle Carney
Abel and Frances Caro
Julie Castle
David and Nancy Cattaneo
John and Judy Cefalu
Elizabeth Chakmakis
Nancy Chandler
Clif and Sandra Chase
Robert and Annetta Chester
Rene Chi
Dina Cipollaro
The Cocking Family
Jan Compton
Dave and Jenny Cooper
Matthew Cooper
Charles and Pam Corby
Michele Cornair
Dr. Peter and Inge Costa
Dennis and Patricia Crabb
Don Daily and Tom Sakowski
Kerry and Wendy David
Kirk and Jen David
David & Johnson, Ltd.
Dr. Michael and Dr. Barbara Davis
John Dayton
Deb Howard & Co.
Michael Denney
Martin and Leslie DeTarr
Andrea Dewey-King
Sara Dolder
Dr. James and Mary Duke
Mike and Lynn Dupree
Ernie's Coffee Shop
Paul and Judy Bruso
Jerome Evans
Ann Ezekiel-Jones
Feldman & Shaw LLP
John Fellows and Kel Gennert
Ted Files
Eric and Gail Finkelstein
Doug Forte
David and Joanne Foster
Dr. Michael and Deborah Fry
Jack Gallagher
Anita Gardner
Dick and Nancy Gardner
Kathleen Gardner
Kelley Gardner
Rick and Kelly Gardner
David and Dr. Lori Gaskin
David and Violet Gay
Nancy Gayner
Dr. Paul Genasci
Dr. Lee Anne Stigers
Don Giesen
Denis Gilbert
Nancy Goedhard
Bill and Maggie Gordon
Marvin and Ruth Goshorn
Helaine Greenberg
Lee and Sheila Griffin
Ross and Doris Groelz
Judy Guinn
Elaine Guthrie
David and Melonie Guttry
Elwyn Hug and Carol Haase
Bret and Roseanne Hackett
Duane Hamburg
Diana Hamilton
Dory Smith
Dr. Stan and Vicki Hanes
Cliff and Holly Hansen
Nancy Harmon
John and Maria Hash
Daryl and Sandy Hatfield
Robert and Susan Heffernan
Gail Herritt
James and Gloria Hildinger
Frank Hill
John Holland
Jeff and Joan Holmes
Donna Hughes
Fritzi Huntington
Dayton Lee Hursh
Shirley Irving
Marvin Weitzenhoffer
Sheila Jacobs
Chris Janzen
David and Terri Jinkens
Brett Johnson
Gerald and Anne Johnson
Jackie Johnson
Dan Kabat
Jack and Claudine Katz
Elsie Kelly
Laurie Kemper
Mary Kemper
Abby Killebrew
Eleanor Killebrew
Charles and Caroline Kitts
Dr. Steven and Julie Kline
Andrew Kloss
Susan Kloss
Bill and Charna Knerr
Brian and Kelly Krolicki
Brooke Laine
Ed and Del Laine
LTCC District
Mark and Marti Lucksinger
Terrence Lambert
Bill Lane
Melinda Langelius
Bob and Michelle Larsen
Michael Laub
Anthony and Fredricka Laurian
Dr. Guy and Peggy Lease
Jessica Ledbetter
William Ledbetter
Vernon Lee
Left Coast Software
Jon Stephens
Marty Heffner
Patricia Leonard-Heffner
Dr. Eta Kuo Lin
Dave Alexander
Hatch Logie
Theodore Long
Linda Loughrin
Gerald and Adele Lucas
Joyce Luithle
Anne Luerken
Dr. Paul and Becky Manoukian
Dr. Brooks and Karen Martin
John and Bianca Mason
Robert and Roberta Mason
Trudy Matthews and D.J. Bickert
Michael and Patricia McBrien
Charles and Nancy McDermid
Mike and Lori McKeen
Lucy McLaughlin
Lillian McMath
Jonathan and Jo Ann McMurtry
Ben Lehman
Mort and Carolyn Meiers
Erin Menath
Dr. Phil and Susan Middleton
Anne Miranda
Nancy Montgomery
Daniel and Jane Morgan
Morgan Stanley
Elizabeth Moses
Alan and Patty Moss
Adelea Nelson
Julie Nelson
Karen Nelson
Bob and Sue Novasel
Novasel & Schwarte Investments
Dean and Ann Orcutt
Dr. Terry and Dr. Beachy Orr
Gerry Orton
Mimi Palu
Brooks Park
Park Cattle Company
Salli Parker
Vernon Parker
Lori Parrish
Jim Parry
Alvaro and Linda Pascotto
Jeff Paynes
Robert and Sue Perry-Smith
Lynn Peterson
Dr. Richard and Becky Peterson
Pilot Brands Tahoe Office
Stephen and Cynthea Preston
Chris and Christina Proctor
Jeanne Proto and Franz Goepfert
James and Linda Pullen
Michelle Raggi
The Honorable Gene and Ann Rasmussen
Jerry and Eleanor Rasmussen
Laura Rasmussen
Howard Reinhardt and Rose Lopez
Francis and Vivian Rider
Rexanne Ring
Fred and Lona Roberts
Paul and Cookie Rork
Doug and Diane Rosner
Michael Ross
Dave and Bernadette Santana
Annette Schoonover
Richard and Dena Schwarte
Lennie and Judy Schwartz
Donald and Ellen Scott
S.K. and Gina Scribner
David Seifert
Dean Seppa and Sephanie Barboni-Seppa
Phyllis Shafer and Mark Bauer
Patrick Shanahan
Richard and Wendy Shehadi
Steven Short
Penny Shrawder
Dawn Shreve
Allen and Charna Silver
Robert Skinner
Dan and Christy Smith
James Smith
Chad Smittkamp and Jean Merkelbach
Dr. David and Tish Sorokwasz
South Lake Tahoe Rotary Club
South Tahoe Refuse
Andrew and Marguerite Spieker
Bert and Kathryn Spivy
Peter and Julie Sprock
James Stamates
Jon and Wendy Stephens
Philip and Susan Stevensen
John and Joanna Stockman
Andrew and Kathy Strain
Chris and Mary Strohm
Willette Strong
Sharon Susens
Dr. Keith and Laurie Swanson
Tahoe Art League
Tahoe Douglas Rotary
Doug and Nancy Rousse
Janice Tait
Ann Thennes
John Thiel
Dr. Lee and Leah Thiel
Janet Thomas
Malcolm and Teresita Tibbetts
James and Maryon Tilley
Christopher Valencia
Brad and Debra Vidro
Anita Vieites
Rick and Mary Wagner
Liz Watson
Randy Watson
Dr. Frederick and Patience Wenck, Jr.
Karen Whittingham
Gregory and Sharon Williams
Ron and JoAnne Wood
Susan Wood
Diana Woodbury
Les and Karin Wright
Steve and Evelyn Yonker
Thomas and Paula Yturbide
Dr. Mark and Ann Zacovic

Support the Haldan Art Gallery by purchasing limited edition prints by Phyllis Shafer or a casting of an original bronze sculpture by David Foster.