All first-time college students, including those who earned college units while still in high school, can get their tuition waived. To be eligible, you must be enrolled in and complete 12 or more units each quarter for three academic quarters (Fall, Winter, Spring), and meet one of the following requirements:

  1. Be a California resident or California Dreamer student who is AB540 eligible, or;
  2. Be a Nevada resident of the Tahoe Basin residing in one of the following areas/zip codes: Crystal Bay (89402), Incline Village (89451, 89450), Glenbrook (89413), Zephyr Cove (89448), or Stateline (89449)
  3. Be a Nevada Dreamer residing in one of the following areas/zip codes: Crystal Bay (89402), Incline Village (89451, 89450), Glenbrook (89413), Zephyr Cove (89448), or Stateline (89449)

To qualify, California residents will need to complete a FAFSA or California Dream Act application. Nevada residents living in one of the areas/zip codes listed above will need to complete a California-Nevada Interstate Attendance agreement application along with the FAFSA form. Nevada Dreamer students will just need to complete the California-Nevada Interstate Attendance agreement application.

First time, in general, means that you haven’t attended college before. However, if you’ve taken college classes while in high school as a “special admit” student, or have participated in a Dual enrollment program during high school where you earned college credits, or if you’ve taken college summer courses immediately prior to starting your first Fall quarter as a Promise student, then you are considered a first-time student for the purposes of the Lake Tahoe College Promise and you are indeed eligible for the program!

Being a full-time student at LTCC means taking a minimum of 12 or more units per primary academic quarter. The Lake Tahoe College Promise program requires students to take three consecutive primary academic quarters (Fall, Winter, Spring). Students can start their Promise tuition-free year in any of these three quarters. However, LTCC strongly encourages recent high school graduates to start their Promise programs in a Fall quarter due to national data showing high school students succeed more often when they start college close to their high school graduation. Students who wish to do so can also register for summer classes during their Promise year and have their summer tuition waived as well, providing they enroll in and complete a minimum of 6 units (considered full-time for Summer quarter).

Yes! You do not have to be a recent high school graduate to take advantage of this program. Just be a first-time college student as described above, and a CA resident or CA Dreamer/AB540 eligible, or a Nevada resident living in the Tahoe Basin, and that's it!

For California residents, the value is $372 for one 12-unit quarter, or $1,116 for Fall, Winter and Spring quarters with 12 units taken each quarter. Compare that to $5,742 in tuition per academic year at a California State University (CSU) school when enrolled in more than 6 units per term. Students can earn an Associate degree for transfer (AA-T) at LTCC, which guarantees them a seat in their chosen major at one of the CSU schools. 

For qualifying Nevada residents, the savings is $93/unit, which is the per-unit cost Nevada Basin residents have been able to pay since 2016 as part of LTCC’s California-Nevada Interstate Attendance Agreement (CNIA). This agreement allows Nevada-side residents of the Basin to attend LTCC for a reduced rate of three times the California resident rate, or $93/unit. For one 12-unit quarter, the savings for Nevada residents would be $1,116, or $3,348 for three quarters.

All Promise students can and are encouraged to take more than the minimum of 12 units per quarter in order to have enough credits to earn an Associate degree within two years. Completing 15 units per primary academic quarter for two years is the recommendation to stay on track and earn and Associate degree in two years.

The Lake Tahoe College Promise program covers all tuition costs for Fall, Winter and Spring quarters for any first-time, full-time college student residing anywhere in California, or on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe. LTCC students also get:

  • Access to LTCC’s free Textbook Lending Library – save money on books!
  • A free Student ID card, which can be used to get unlimited free rides on Tahoe Transportation District buses within the South Shore
  • Access to free tutoring, mentoring, counseling, and other support services
  • Access to loads of free and fun events, performances, lectures, films and more!

In addition to the Textbook Lending Library, many of LTCC’s classes also feature either reduced-cost or free textbooks and class materials. Students may also be eligible for Financial Aid programs that provide free childcare, free gas cards, free school supplies, on-campus paid work opportunities, and much more. Talk to LTCC’s One-Stop Office at (530) 541-4660 x. 211 for more information about eligibility and how to apply for these programs.

Eligible promise program students receive $100 free e-campus book credit every primary quarter (fall, winter, and spring) for the first 2 years to help pay for book expenses. This book credit is linked to student's LTCC account and can be used via the LTCC bookstore website. Additionally, more than 80 courses at LTCC now offer free open source textbooks and other course materials to help save you money. And, the Roberta Mason Library on LTCC's campus also provides many course textbooks for limited, free check-out. LTCC's Equity Office and other programs on campus also offer free textbook lending programs for qualifying students.
Tuition fees will be waived once eligibility for the Lake Tahoe College Promise is determined. No direct cash disbursements will occur.

Yes! Twelve units is the minimum required to be eligible, but the Lake Tahoe College Promise will cover tuition for classes taken above that minimum. LTCC strongly advises students to take a minimum of 15 units per primary academic quarter, or 45 units per academic year, in order to earn an Associate degree (90 units) in two years.

The Promise program covers up to three years tuition-free! If you take 15 units for three quarters for two years, you're likely to have enough credits earned for an Associate degree.

Completion of at least 12 units in each of three primary quarters (Fall, Winter, Spring) for two years is a requirement of the College Promise program. Tuition fees will be waived for each quarter in which an eligible student is enrolled full time, for a maximum of three primary academic quarters. Students who do not maintain full-time status (minimum 12 units/quarter) may become ineligible for the program in future quarters.