The Humanities degree program at Lake Tahoe Community College is designed to provide an opportunity for study in several areas of Western civilization. The Humanities major is broad-based, allowing students to take courses in several fields - including literature and philosophy; the history of art, music, or theatre; languages; and the all inclusive humanities courses. The relationship of Western ideas and thought between the various fields of study is encouraged. Courses will also strengthen oral and written communication skills.


Areas of Study: Art, History, Literature, Music, Philosophy and Religion, Speech, Theatre, World Languages

Group of students

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32-36 units distributed as follows:

1. History/Humanities, two courses selected from (a) or (b); both courses must be in the same sequence:
a. HIS 127A History of World Civilizations to 1000 (4)
    HIS 127B History of World Civilizations from 1000 to 1800 (4)
    HIS 127C History of World Civilizations from 1750 to the Present (4)
b. HUM 101 Ancient Western World (4)
    HUM 102 The Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Baroque Eras (4)
    HUM 103 The Modern World (4)

Select six courses with a maximum of two from any one area
(24-28 units):

2. Philosophy and Religion:
PHI 101 Introduction to Philosophy (4)
PHI 103A History of Western Philosophy - Early (4)
PHI 103B History of Western Philosophy - Modern (4)
PHI 205 Contemporary Moral Issues (4)
PHI 210 Existentialism (4)
REL 101 Old Testament (4)
REL 102 New Testament (4)
REL 103 World Religions (4)
REL 104 Introduction to Religious Studies (4)
REL 105 Eastern Religious Traditions (4)
REL 107 The Principle Teachings of Buddhism (4)

3. Literature:
ENG 102 Introduction to Literature (4)
ENG 108 Women in Literature (4)
ENG 113 Introduction to Shakespeare (4)
ENG 200 Masterpieces of the Ancient and Medieval Worlds (4)
ENG 201 Masterpieces of the Renaissance and Modern World (4)
ENG 202 Masterpieces of the Modern World (4)
ENG 205 Introduction to Poetry (4)
ENG 206 The Short Story (4)
ENG 212 English Literature I: From Beowulf's Monsters to Milton's Paradise (4)
ENG 213 English Literature II: From Swift's Satire to the Passions of the Romantics (4)
ENG 214 English Literature III: Victorian Values and Modern Masterpieces (4)
ENG 215 American Literature I: Culture, Rhetoric, and Beauty in Early America (4)
ENG 216 American Literature II: Fertile Ground for Transcendent Voices (4)
ENG 217 American Literature III: Reality and Truth in Twentieth Century America (4)
HUM 105 Mythology (4)

4. Music and Theatre:
MUS 101 Music Listening and Appreciation (4)
THE 112A History of Film: Beginnings to 1945 (4)
THE 112B History of Film: 1945 to 1965 (4)
THE 112C History of Film: 1965 to Present (4)

5. Art:
ART 101 Art History: Prehistoric - Islamic (4)
ART 102 Art History: Medieval Europe - Renaissance (4)
ART 103 Art History: Baroque - Contemporary (4)
ART 106 Artists' Lives (4) 
ART 107 Art of the Americas (4)
ART 141 The History of Photography (4)

6. World Languages, two courses from any one language:
ASL 102 American Sign Language - Level II (5)
ASL 103 American Sign Language - Level III (5)
ASL 201 American Sign Language - Level IV (5)
ASL 202 American Sign Language - Level V (5)
ASL 203 American Sign Language - Level VI (5)
FRE 102 Elementary French II (5)
FRE 103 Elementary French III (5)
JPN 102 Elementary Japanese II (5)
JPN 103 Elementary Japanese III (5)
JPN 201 Intermediate Japanese I (5)
JPN 202 Intermediate Japanese II (5)
JPN 203 Intermediate Japanese III (5)
SPA 102 Elementary Spanish II (5)
SPA 103 Elementary Spanish III (5)
SPA 201 Intermediate Spanish I (5)
SPA 202 Intermediate Spanish II (5)
SPA 203 Intermediate Spanish III (5)
SPA 212 Introduction to Spanish Literature (5)
SPA 220A Intermediate Spanish for Heritage Speakers and Two-Way Immersion I (6)
SPA 220B Intermediate Spanish for Heritage Speakers and Two-Way Immersion II (6)

C. ELECTIVE UNITS to bring the total to 90.

A degree in Humanities will provide training in the qualities of critical and analytical thinking and oral and written expression, which are important in a wide range of careers in business, government, or industry. Many companies prefer to train employees for specific careers and are looking for bright people. As with most college degrees, a degree in Humanities is evidence of attributes for which most employers are looking.
  • Associate Degree, Liberal Arts & Humanities

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