Work Experience

Work Experience

LTCC has transformed most of its face-to-face classes to Enhanced Virtual Education (EVE), offered through the Canvas CMS. This educational format provides ample faculty and student interaction, just like in a real classroom. Set faculty hours, heavy use of video for visual learning, and a synchronous schedule are all a part of EVE classes at LTCC.

Switching to a virtual learning environment isn't easy for everyone. We are here to support you during this challenging time. You may schedule an appointment for a Virtual Meeting using Cranium Cafe or by email.

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Work Experience

The following academic units earned outline the hours worked:

The minimum number of hours a student must work within the quarter is 50 hours (this earns 1 academic credit). If the minimum hours are not accomplished, the student will earn a failing grade.

50 hours per quarter   = 1 unit
100 hours per quarter = 2 units
150 hours per quarter = 3 units
200 hours per quarter = 4 units
250 hours per quarter = 5 units
300 hours per quarter = 6 units

Work Experience students must attend the mandatory orientation. It is not necessary to meet with the instructor prior to orientation. 

Please sign-up for a Virtual Orientation by emailing

Students will receive their enrollment slip only after attending the mandatory orientation. Enrollment is only with department approval.


Syllabus - 12 Week Course

Syllabus - Late Start 6 week course

Enrollment Permit
Code of Conduct and Survey
Supervisor Agreement
Objectives Worksheets
Worksite Info & Objectives Form
21c Badges (see below for workshop links)
MidQuarter Professional Development Assignment
Interview Assignment
Feedback Forms
Supervisor Evaluation



Work Experience & Internship Students are required to complete 21st Century Skills Badges.

21st Century Skills Go by Many Names:
Competencies, applied skills, cross-disciplinary skills, transferable skills, employability skills, and soft skills.

What They Are:
Knowledge, work habits, and character traits necessary to succeed in this rapidly changing world.

The Good News:
Just like any other subject, 21st Century Skills can be taught, practiced, and incorporated into everyone’s life.



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