Associate in Arts for Transfer, English

It is the mission of the Lake Tahoe Community College English Department to serve basic skills, degree seeking, transfer, and community students with an extensive curriculum in foundational English, writing and critical thinking, creative writing, and literature. The program is dedicated to helping students become independent, life-long learners and to fostering the values of rigorous investigation, open-mindedness, collaboration, self-understanding, and respect for knowledge.

Courses offer a varied perspective on the world, guiding students in literary and rhetorical investigation from a number of critical approaches, including sociological, historical, and psychological, among others. In addition to building a passion for literature, the degree will provide students with higher skills in written communication. By mastering the methods of written responses to literature, students will enter a wide variety of careers (including teaching, writing, editing, public relations, marketing, and law) better able to communicate and persuade.


Program Learning Outcomes

    • Recognize, understand, and apply the rhetorical strategies of argumentation.

    • Identify and implement the artistic principles of fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction.

    • Interpret literature in its historical and cultural context.

    • Recognize the basic principles, varied approaches, and history of literary criticism.

    • Analyze and evaluate creative and argumentative writing through the application of the principles of complex critical analysis.