Associate in Arts Degree and Associate in Arts for Transfer, Anthropology
Short-Term Departmental Certificate, Applied Anthropology

The Anthropology degree provides students with an introduction to the four fields of anthropology; cultural, physical/biological, archeology and anthropological linguistics - with emphasis on the applications of the discipline to contexts of everyday life. Anthropology is a very relevant degree as it offers students a perspective for understanding humans from the past and the present.

Certificate Focus Areas:

1. Organizational Anthropology: Understanding the methods of problem-solving in complex organizations.

2. Medical Anthropology: Developing insights on the cross-cultural contexts of healing and healthcare.

3. Development Anthropology: Focus on economic and cultural systems and the contexts of policy and technological applications of anthropology.

4. Cultural Resource and Land Management: Exploring connections between archaeology, conservation, land use, and resource policy. 

Program Learning Outcomes

• Gain an understanding of the four fields of anthropology.

• Understand, appreciate, and apply scientific methods of anthropological research and analysis.

• Recognize the significance of the comparative, evolutionary, and relativistic approaches in anthropology.

• Develop an appreciation of the diversity of the human species.

• Understand and appreciate cultural diversity and human variation.

• Apply anthropological methods of critical thinking, reflexivity and cultural awareness in everyday life. 

Career Outlook

Many employers are interested in the critical thinking and analytical research skills offered by Anthropology. The Anthropology degree offers students major preparation for transfer to a four-year institution. The State of California Employment Development Department has an online Occupational Guide that provides helpful job descriptions, job outlooks and wages, and qualification requirements for a wide variety of careers. Use this guide to find more information about a career that may interest you.