LTCC Honored by Statewide Organization for Latinx Student Performance in First-Year English

May 24, 2022

LTCC students at graduationLake Tahoe Community College was recently recognized as one of the 2022 Excellence in Placement Honorees by the Campaign for College Opportunity. This honor recognizes LTCC’s efforts around ensuring that more Latino/a/x and Black college students can access, are supported through, and complete transfer-level English and math in their first year of college.

LTCC received a special distinction for its completion success in transfer-level English among its Latinx students. Colleges who received this honor had at least 70% of their Latino/a/x students successfully complete a transfer-level English course within their first year. LTCC’s Latinx completion rate of 74.7% was the third-highest in California’s community college system of 116 colleges. These students also outperformed LTCC’s general student population, achieving a 71.72% completion rate in first-year, transfer-level English classes and closing the achievement gap between Latinx students and the overall student population at LTCC.

“When students are motivated to take transfer-level courses in that first year, we know it sets them up for success,” said LTCC Superintendent/President Jeff DeFranco. “Completion of transfer-level classes creates momentum that can carry a student all the way through timely degree completion.”

In the past several years, LTCC has heavily invested in developing its English and math tutoring services and technology to better support successful navigation of transfer-level classes. Units from these classes count toward the earning of a transfer Associate of Art or Science degree, which students can take advantage of to guarantee a seat at a University of California or California State University institution in the area of study of their choice.

Even if students do not plan on transferring to a four-year institution, they are well on their way toward earning a two-year degree when they take transfer-level courses within their first year of college.

“Supporting them in completing transfer-level English and math in their first year is one of the greatest gifts we can give students to put them on the path to timely degree completion,” said DeFranco.

In addition to its improved tutoring services, LTCC also has a number of student support programs and staff in place to provide Latinx and all students with tailored counseling and scheduling assistance to ensure students register for the recommended classes in the most efficient sequence to increase their likelihood of graduating successfully.

More information about the Campaign for College Opportunity and its inaugural Excellence in Placement awards and criteria can be found on their website. For more information about Lake Tahoe Community College, call (530) 541-4660 or visit