Updated Protocols on COVID Positivity and Exposure

January 14, 2022

Updated COVID-19 Protocols (ENG) (SPA) | 2022 Mask Requirements (ENG) (SPA)
Employee Exposure Protocols | Employee & Student Positive Test Result Protocols (ENG) (SPA)

LTCC has updated its COVID positivity and exposure guidelines to help on-campus students, staff, and faculty understand what is required if a person tests positive or is exposed to someone with COVID.

Beginning Friday January 14, LTCC requires that new protocols informed by Cal-OSHA and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) be followed by all employees and students on campus. These protocols involve requirements around what to do after a positive test result or an exposure, and when you can safely return to campus.

Links to updated COVID protocols documents are at the top of this webpage. Here is a quick look at what they describe:

  1. If you test positive, stay home for at least 5 days. Once symptoms are resolved and after at least 5 days of isolation, test again with LTCC. If the test is negative, return to campus no sooner than the 6th day and wear either an N95 or KN95 mask for a full 10 days from the date when symptoms first appeared. Employees must test with the LTCC testing center to be cleared to return to campus. Students are asked to do the same. Notify LTCC of any positive test result.
  2. If you are exposed to someone with COVID and are vaccinatedparticipate in LTCC’s weekly testing. Strictly follow LTCC’s new mask guidelines. If any symptoms develop, stay home.
  3. If you are exposed to someone with COVID and are NOT vaccinatedstay home for at least 5 days after your last contact with the infected person(s). After at least 5 days of isolation, test with LTCC if you are symptom-free. If you test negative, you can return to campus no sooner than on the 6th day. Strictly adhere to LTCC’s masking guidelines on campus.

COVID testing at LTCC is free for all staff and registered students regardless of insurance status. We are not able to offer testing to community members at this time.

If a student tests positive for COVID, they are asked to please contact a faculty member and LTCC’s Risk Manager Maryellen Sanchez at sanchez@ltcc.edu as soon as possible. LTCC is focusing contact tracing efforts on identifying positive cases and working with students on identifying a return-to-campus date.

To help keep LTCC’s doors open, we are ensuring that anyone who tests positive is symptom-free and tests negative before returning to campus. Staff is required to notify LTCC of a positive test result and provide a negative result before returning to campus as well. Students are asked to do the same.

As a reminder, LTCC’s new mask policy is in effect. All asymptomatic staff, faculty, and students are required to wear either a surgical, KN95, or an N95 mask that completely covers the nose and mouth and is well fitted to the face. Free surgical masks are available to anyone who needs one at the library building security desk. Students who test positive and need either an N95 or KN95 mask to return to campus will be provided one for free.

For the latest mask, testing, and protocol updates and requirements, check LTCC's Coronavirus webpage.