LTCC Launches Free 24/7 Mental Health Support Service For Students

June 7, 2021

student using TimelyMD mental health support servicesAs part of Lake Tahoe Community College’s ongoing response to COVID-19 and its mental health consequences for so many, registered LTCC students now have free, immediate, and unlimited access to professional mental health counseling. This support is being provided through TimelyMD, a telehealth company that specializes in higher education.

LTCC students can now access a complete mental healthcare solution that provides both on-demand and appointment-based mental health counseling specifically for college students. The program allows students to have 24/7 access to free mental health counseling visits anytime, from licensed counselors located anywhere in the United States.

To access mental health care, students can either download an app or log into a website. After logging in and filling out a basic profile, students can then either schedule a future appointment with a licensed therapist, or they can use the TalkNow feature for immediate access to mental health support.

Students can see the profiles, faces, and basic details on a diverse range of mental health counselors available to help them. Students can meet with a specific provider, or they can select the first available counselor. Typically, students are able to connect with a counselor via a video consultation within five to 10 minutes.

LTCC Superintendent/President Jeff DeFranco said, “Easy and quick access to quality mental health counseling has never been more important for our students, and especially for those who access education remotely or who need mental care after hours because of busy schedules or other pressing needs during the day. This service will be there for them anytime now, through the summer, and throughout the next academic year to help them return to some normalcy in their lives.”

Information about this new mental healthcare support for LTCC students can be found at Other free mental health services already available to students are also listed on this webpage, along with an array of free resources for mental health support for LTCC staff and faculty members as well.

The launch of these TimelyCare mental health services for LTCC students was made possible by grants received from the Tahoe Women's Community Fund (TWCF) and the El Dorado Community Foundation.