Limited Student Services, F2F Classes Returning

March 23, 2021


Campus Access Protocols (PDF)| Mask Requirements (PDF) | FT Faculty Email on Returning (PDF)

With local coronavirus cases falling and vaccines becoming more available, Lake Tahoe Community College is bringing back limited, in-person student services and face-to-face classes in the days and weeks to come.

Starting Monday, March 29, limited in-person support services just for enrolling and current students resumes on campus. Limited department service days and hours are Mondays & Tuesdays from 10am-3pm, and Wednesdays & Thursdays from 1pm-6pm.

Services offered during these hours will include: 

Campus hours for college employees and students taking classes are: Monday through Thursday 7:30am - 10pm, Friday 7:30am - 6:30pm, closed Saturdays and Sundays.

Limited face-to-face and hybrid classes are also being offered on campus this Spring quarter starting Monday, April 5. These will be offered with limited registrations and seating in select classrooms located in the Main Building. Lecture courses will be held in select classrooms with new HVAC systems that can turn over fresh air quickly. Labs were chosen based on the space that best matches the discipline being offered. Students in these classes will be physically distanced, and mask wearing will be strictly enforced. Hours and days for these classes and for general college staff/faculty on-campus work hours will vary from the limited service hours mentioned above, but generally will be Monday through Friday.

Staff, students, and faculty working and learning inside LTCC must adhere to strict safety protocols and guidelines. These can be found on LTCC’s main Coronavirus Information webpage ( There will also be ample signage both outside of and inside college facilities to encourage maintaining social distancing and proper use of masks, and to help people navigate to the few spaces on campus that are open. 

There is a single entrance and exit point located at the library building for those who want to access services, a classroom, or an office or workspace. Entry doors face the main LTCC parking lot and library plaza. In order to enter LTCC buildings, you must:

  • Download the #CampusClear app and respond to it on the days you plan to access campus (available for iPhone and Android);
  • Have valid student/staff ID and the #CampusClear app and results available;
  • Have your temperature checked by security personnel;
  • Wear a properly fitted mask made of acceptable material at all times while indoors that fully covers both the mouth and nose;
  • Masks will be provided to any staff or student who needs one.

Security will be available around campus to ensure that masks are worn properly at all times, and to keep people from congregating in common areas inside the college. Anyone entering LTCC is asked to please conduct their business in a timely way, and to leave when done to reduce the chance of virus spread.

Student services such as Counseling, Financial Aid, and all Enrollment Services can still be fully accessed in a virtual setting via Cranium Café for those who prefer that.