A Community Promise, Regardless of Borders

December 15, 2018

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Leadership | Education

Friday, December 15

Jeff DeFranco, Lake Tahoe Community College’s superintendent and president, is a guest contributor for the College Promise Campaign

Discussion in California’s state legislature about launching a College Promise program was just starting in early 2017 when I became president of Lake Tahoe Community College. There was no agreement or budget, but the optimism for hammering something out that would benefit California students was certainly there. Still, it was clear that whatever shape California’s Promise program would eventually take, it wouldn’t meet the needs of colleges serving communities like ours, that straddle two states. We’d need to figure out on our own how to offer the promise of free college tuition for first-time, full- time students to everyone in our community, on both sides of the California-Nevada border.

Read the entire Forbes magazine piece on LTCC's Lake Tahoe College Promise, the country's only bi-state Promise program providing free college tuition to residents on BOTH sides of the border: bit.ly/ForbesTahoePromise