Scholarships Available for DACA Application Renewals

September 13, 2017

Thanks to the San Francisco-based non-profit Mission Asset Fund (MAF), scholarship funds are now available to cover the costs for California community college students who need to renew their Deferred Action for Childhood Arrives (DACA) status before the upcoming October 5 deadline. MAF, which has a long history of supporting Dreamers, has dedicated scholarship funds specifically to help California community college students, along with CSU and UC students, pay for the $495 DACA renewal fee.

DACA students who are interested in applying for this scholarship opportunity should visit to learn more and to complete the online application. Scholarship applicants will need to complete a short questionnaire and provide their documentation of DACA status with an expiration date on or before March 5, 2018 to qualify for the financial aid.

LTCC students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible so they do not miss out on the opportunity to obtain a scholarship for the $495 renewal fee. Scholarship applications will be processed the same day they are submitted, and once a student has qualified, checks made out to the Department of Homeland Security will be mailed out overnight.

Funding for the DACA renewal scholarship opportunity for California public college students is provided through the Weingart Foundation. Other philanthropic supporters include the Irvine Foundation, Tipping Point Community, The Chavez Family Foundation, and San Francisco Foundation.

The Trump Administration’s DACA decision does not impact a student’s ability to attend LTCC or any other California community college, to qualify for an exemption from non-resident tuition fees under AB 540, or to apply for financial aid under the provisions of the California Dream Act. AB 540 and the California Dream Act are state programs that are entirely separate and distinct from DACA. To learn more about the financial aid opportunities available through the California Dream Act, please visit