Coyote Corner App Launches

March 10, 2017

LTCC's administrative team with the Coyote Corner frameLTCC is excited to announce the launch of the new Coyote Corner app, which brings a bunch of useful tools and services together in one app to improve your campus experience and keep you up to date on fun and educational doings. Keep track of events and club meetings, stay in touch with other students with ease, plus a bunch more tools to enrich student life on campus. Community members who enjoy participating in all of the events hosted on campus will also find the Coyote Corner app useful for staying on top of theatre productions, art gallery exhibits, lectures and films, sporting events, and much more!

The Coyote Corner app is available for download now in iOS and Android app stores - just search for "Coyote Corner." Register using your LTCC student email address and then post on the app's wall for a chance to win Amazon gift cards, backpacks, gift certificates, and LTCC Coyote swag you won't find anywhere else!

The Coyote Corner app includes:
• Study Tools: Keep track of study sessions and build effective study habits with our study timer
• Groups & Clubs: Get involved with campus clubs!
• Timetable Sharing: See when your friends are in class and when they're free to play!
• Campus Resources: Connect with programs on campus such as Equity, Veterans, and Financial Aid
• Events: Explore all the fun events happening on campus year-round
• Tour: Explore the campus
• Campus Services: Learn about support services offered to help you achieve your goals
• Campus Feed: Join the campus-wide discussion!
• Campus Map: Directions to classrooms, events and offices