The Intensive Spanish Summer Institute (ISSI) has 100 Cultural Breakout sessions as part of the immersion experience. Students learn language and culture through classes in grammar, history, cooking, dance, travel, crafts, holidays, traditions, literature and more. These are drop-in sessions that are part of the Institute day. Below are a few examples of what may be found. 

Flamenco dancingMusic and Dance:
  • Salsa 
  • Merengue 
  • Bachata 





                 Myths and Legends and the Ancient cultures of the Aztec and Maya        

ISSI Cultural Breakout 

                  History and Travel: Cuba, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Peru

ISSI Cultural Breakout 

              Art, Artists and Literature: Frida Kahlo, Garcia Lorca, Cervantes, Picasso, Dali, crafts of Nicaragua, Chicano art

ISSI Cultural Breakout Learn to cook: paella, panes, chiles, salsas, tapas, chile rellenos, ceviche, tamales