Criminal and Administration of Justice

Associate in Arts Degree, Criminal Justice

Associate in Science for Transfer, Administration of Justice

Certificate, Criminal Justice

Online CRJ Program for CDCR Employees

The Criminal Justice degree and Administration of Justice transfer degree are designed to acquaint pre-service and in-service students with the principles and practices of criminal justice systems in America. Although the program's curriculum allows for the development of depth in one of the subject's major systems (i.e., law enforcement, juvenile justice, courts or corrections), the objective of this program is to familiarize students with concepts in all of the above areas. The Criminal Justice and Administration of Justice program are both academic and professional in that it is an interdisciplinary approach to relating intellectual issues and practitioner perspectives to the challenge of crime in a free society. Consequently, the program provides preparation for employment with a related agency and/or transfer to a four-year college or university. Students completing the Criminal Justice program will be prepared to work in a variety of positions such as municipal police officers, county deputy sheriffs, probation or correctional officers, game wardens, state park officers, and private security officers.

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Program Learning Outcomes

• Analyze the historical perspective, cultural evolution, and the origin of criminal law, arrest through trial, sentencing, appeal and correctional procedures.

• Evaluate the influences and consequences of crime, including social and psychological factors.

• Recognize the influence of multicultural factors as they relate to the criminal justice system.

• Describe the importance of professional ethics in the major areas of the criminal justice system.

• Acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for obtaining employment in a variety of areas, including the court system, law enforcement, and corrections/community supervision.


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Related Occupations

• Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Teachers, Postsecondary

• Bailiffs

• Police Detectives



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Credential Code: 1, TOP Code: 210500, CIP Code: 43.0107, Standard Occupational Classification(SOC): 25-1111.00