LTCC graduate

Graduation 2021

Friday, June 25



If you have petitioned to graduate this Fall or Winter, we are in the process of verifying your petition. We will reach out if there is an issue. If you have questions about credits, please reach out to a counselor.  

More information about this year’s graduation will be coming out soon
including when and how to pick up grad packs (your regalia).
Please check back to this page for updates.
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~ Frequently Asked Questions ~

Yes, you will RSVP by coming to one of the Grad Pack Pick Up dates in order to attend the Coyote Caravan Celebration.

RSVP by picking up your Grad Pack at the Roberta Mason Library! Grad Pack Pickup will be June 15-19th with auxiliary dates of June 22-25th. Record a special thank you video on June 16 from 10-2 pm! Pick up hours are M-Th 10-3 pm and Fr 10-2 pm. Bring your ID, follow social distancing guidelines, and please leave any guests in the car while you pick up your grad pack!

Sign up for a time to come in here:


Yes, please bring photo ID so we can check you in!


Yes, you can bring whoever will fit in your car! We ask that you only bring one car per graduate.

Most vehicles are welcome. Please do not drive an RV, or vehicles of similar sizes. If you have questions regarding this email

Only one car per graduate.


NO ONE may get out of their vehicle at any time, except for the student as they move to the diploma stop and if a restroom must be used. When outside of the car wear a mask.

  • Exiting of the car should only be done when instructed by staff, unless it is a restroom stop. Passengers may use restrooms. When outside of the car, wear a mask.

• Do not socialize with people in other vehicles.


Yes, you will have a photo opportunity with professional photographers at the Diploma reception area and the Coyote Plaza. We ask that only the graduate leaves the car for this photo opportunity.

Professional photos will be available within a few days after graduation.


Yes, both at the diploma reception area and at the Coyote Legacy Plaza.

  • Photo Stops: The first photo stop will be when the student receives the diploma cover and there will be a second photo stop at the Coyote Legacy Plaza. Only the student will get out of the car, a professional photographer will be stationed there to take the photographs. Passengers of the car MUST stay in the car at these times. These stops are meant to be short and sweet – so we can capture the moment, but keep the processional moving!

YES! We encourage everyone to decorate their cars!


You will wear your cap and gown! Regalia will be free of charge to students.

RSVP by picking up your Grad Pack at the Roberta Mason Library! Grad Pack Pickup will be June 15-19th with auxiliary dates of June 22-25th. Record a special thank you video on June 16 from 10-2 pm! Pick up hours are M-Th 10-3 pm and Fr 10-2 pm. Bring your ID, follow social distancing guidelines, and please leave any guests in the car while you pick up your grad pack!

Yes, anyone can tune into KRLT 93.9 to listen to the ceremony and they can watch the Lake Tahoe Community College YouTube channel for the livestream video of the ceremony.


Commencement programs will be distributed to guests at the venue entrance on Friday prior to the event, free of charge. Programs list the names of graduates receiving Associate in Arts Degrees, early candidates for summer 2019-20 degree conferral, and Certificates of Achievement.

After entering the Forest Service parking lot, the graduate will be checked in and given a name placard, a commemorative LTCC Class of 2020 face mask to wear while outside the vehicle. (The face mask must stay on while at the diploma stop and for the photo). After the student has been checked in, they will park and wait until the processional begins at 6 pm at which point you will follow the direction of staff to drive onto College Drive, be sure to tune into KRLT 93.9 to hear instructions and the ceremony! Please follow all staff instruction. Oversized vehicles will be directed to park outside of the Forest Service lot.

Caravan Route 2020


June 26th - blocks are by last name – arrive during the time allotted

A-E 5:20

F-L 5:30

M-S 5:40

T-Z 5:50

 The processional will begin at 6:00 pm, graduates will leave the Forest Service parking lot and turn left to drive onto One College Drive, please refer to the map for the driving route. Tune into KRLT 93.9 FM to

hear the graduation program and to hear your friend's names called over the radio and you can watch a livestream over LTCC’s YouTube channel. Just go to!

There will be no public parking, as this is an event for graduates. The Forest Service lot will be used as an initial cuing lot to organize graduates' cars for the commencement processional. Only one car per graduate.


Pets: No animals (other than service animals) are permitted.

Weather: The event will be held on the LTCC Campus. Guests are encouraged to check weather before the event. Everyone will be in a vehicle for the ceremony except during the photo opportunities, so be prepared for inclement weather.

Restrooms: Restrooms will be available in the Forest Service lot before the processional begins and a second restroom stop will available in the main lot of the college.

There are no tickets required for commencement! All graduates are welcome to bring their family, friends, and loved ones in their vehicle. One vehicle per graduate, bring your photo ID for the check-in process.

You will leave the same way you arrived via College Drive to the stop light at Al Tahoe blvd where you will exit.

Submit photos and song requests for the day of graduation by following the links in your Grad Pack emails!

Check your student email for updates pertaining to graduation and for information on how to record your name (for pronunciation purposes). The day of, if your name is commonly mispronounced, please inform the announcer of the correct pronunciation when you hand them your name card.

*COVID-19 Testing Center will be closed the day of graduation 


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