Meet the Trustees

 Kerry David, Board of Trustee member

Kerry David
Board President
Serving Trustee Area 1 -  MAP (Southern Boundary) and MAP (Northern Boundary)  
Year: 1992-2020


Jeff Cowen, Board of Trustee Member

Jeff Cowen
Board Clerk
Serving Trustee Area 2 - MAP
Year: 2014-2018




Karen Borges, Board Clerk 
Karen Borges
Serving Trustee Area 3 - MAP
Year: 2016-2020

Michelle Sweeney, Board of Trustee Member 

Michelle Sweeney
Serving Trustee Area 5 - MAP (Southern Boundary) and
MAP (Northern Boundary)
Year: 2014-2018

Nancy Dalton, Trustee 
Nancy Dalton
Serving Trustee Area 4 - MAP   
Year: 2016-2020

Brian Grajeda
Student Trustee
Year: 2018-2019